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Project finished on 240th Street

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Dec 03, 2012

Jefferson County engineer Scott Cline reported the 240th Street project is completed now that riprap has been added at the pond there.

Last week the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors drove out to see the project, which wasn’t quite complete seven days ago.

“When we saw it last Monday, I wondered if it needed a culvert there,” said supervisor Dick Reed. “Maybe you can tell better now that it’s completed.

“You can put in a request for more funding if a culvert is needed; all they can do is turn you down.”

The 240th Street project was mostly funded through the 10-county South Iowa Conservation Authority.

Cline reported that he and Brian Messer will attend the county engineers conference later this week.

“I’ll also check with the review board about our application for Farm-to-Market road designations,” said Cline.

The supervisors all agreed to establish Mulberry Avenue from north of Douglas Schultz’s driveway to the north end of the road as an Area Service Level “C” road. “We’ve discussed this and went out and looked at the road,” said supervisor chairman Steve Burgmeier.

“This is the third meeting we’ve had it on our agenda,” said Reed. “It’s a dead-end road and we’ve heard no objections to this.”

Cheryl and Gary Turner are recent new owners of land near Lockridge, which had been designated for agricultural use, by the previous owners who had a hog farm.

The Turners appealed to the county to withdraw from the designation of agriculture use of the land because they’d like to rent out the house on the property.

“We can’t rent out the house while it’s in land designated for ag use unless the occupant is involved in agriculture,” said Gary Turner at the supervisors meeting this morning. “We’re not planning to have agricultural use there and we’re not planning any type of development. We just want to rent the house.”

The supervisors approved the Turner’s land withdrawal from agricultural designation.

The supervisors also approved refunding a $2 overpayment of property taxes and pay increases for two correctional officers.

“Two correctional officers were promoted and this is a regular step increase for their job,” said Reed.

Supervisor Lee Dimmitt reported on his meeting with Southern Iowa Economic Development Association last week.

“SIEDA is in a flux about an executive director,” he said. “All 12 board members were at this meeting and agreed to move forward with getting an outside candidate for an interim executive director. We need an interim director to get the house in order. We need to recognize what’s best for all. This isn’t pointing fault at anyone.”

Burgmeier asked if the board of supervisors was still planning to meet with Sheriff Gregg Morton to review the 28E agreements for law enforcement with rural areas and smaller incorporated towns in the county.

“It’s not on the agenda,” Burgmeier said.

The meeting is still planned for 9 a.m. Thursday in the first floor meeting room at Jefferson County Courthouse.

Burgmeier asked county auditor Scott Reneker to provide a copy of the sheriff’s annual budget and population numbers for rural communities and the small towns at Thursday’s meeting.

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will meet at 3 p.m. Thursday with representatives of Fairfield Community School District at the district’s Administration/Curriculum/Technology Center to discuss building improvements in the district.

Friday, the supervisors will attend a 9:45 a.m. Fifth District legislative meeting at Hotel Ottumwa.

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