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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 19, 2018

Proposal floated to increase Keosauqua councilors’ salaries

By Rusty Ebert, Ledger correspondent | Sep 21, 2017

KEOSAUQUA – A proposal to increase the Keosauqua City Council members’ and mayor’s salaries was set for a public hearing during the last council meeting Sept. 12.

The salary of council members, if approved, will be $25 for each meeting lasting less than 30 minutes that the member attends and will go from $20 to $50 for meetings lasting longer than 30 minutes. Council members would not be paid more than $1,000 in any one year.

The mayor’s monthly salary would go from $200 to $500 per month under the proposal.

The ordinance would become effective following the next general city election and after final passage and publication.

In other action:

• Council approved 21627 220th Street address change to 307 South Main Street.

• Council voted to complete work and add dirt to slow down erosion of 5th Street at Steve DeHart property.

• Council approved building permit for Richard Weatherall for a fence located at 309 Franklin St.

• Council approved building permit for Jim Chambers for a driveway located at 309 Franklin St.

• Council approved building permit for a fence for Nick McClure located at 204 Walnut St.

• Council approved building permit for a sidewalk for Karen Stafford located at 803 First St.

• Council approved building permit with a variance for a garage and fence for Julie Shipley located at 205 Second St.

• Council approved a building permit for a driveway for Randy Bentzinger located at 201 Second St.

• Council voted to approve Resolution 20-17 Offer to Purchase Indian Hills building in the amount of $125,000.

• Council noted progress being made on Duckworth building: Masonry being completed and façade being painted.

Council noted that Farm Lease Terminations have been delivered and signed.

• Council discussed adoption of amended Ordinance 160-Vicious Dog and Animal Tethering.

• Keosauqua City Administrator Joy Padget updated the council on Des Moines Social Club founder Zack Mannheimer’s visit to Keosauqua.

He was very impressed with Keosauqua and believes Keosauqua has a lot of potential.

• Councilman Lazenby presented the council with discussion regarding mobile homes in Keosauqua.

He told said that his position on whether to designate a mobile home park deals with his concern that a lack of city planning in this regard legally ties the city’s hand in where trailers are put.

“The goal is not to have trailers hodgepodged throughout the city next to stick-built homes and offer protections to property owners,” Lazenby said.

• City attorney highlighted parts of the re-codification. Council will review and discuss at the next council meeting.

• The city council decided to approve a motion to clean public bathrooms in house through Parks and Rec, commencing in 2018.

• Liquor license renewal for Dollar General and Circle B was approved. Atwood abstained.

• Council voted to approve street closings for Scenic Drive.

• Council approved Samantha DaVolt and Joy Padget to attend Data Tech User Meeting/Training on October 18 in Des Moines.

• Council reviewed DNR Wastewater Inspection Report.

• Council voted to replace yield sign with a stop sign on the corner of First and Franklin Street.


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