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Rabbi to continue lecture on meat-eating, vegetarianism

Nov 19, 2013

Rabbi Chaim Gruber of Fairfield will continue his lecture series about meat-eating and vegetarianism from 7:15-8:45 p.m. Thursday at the Fairfield Public Library.

“Is there Bad Karma from Eating Meat? If so, can it be Broken?” is ideally suited for meat-eaters, and also for vegans or vegetarians who do not eat meat for theological, philosophical or ethical reasons, but who physiologically crave meat. The lecture is not designed to undermine the vegetarian lifestyle, said Gruber.

Gruber will speak about Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, associating a negative karma with the slaughter of animals and the eating of their meat. “However, does the Bible hold a key to breaking this bad karma?” continued Gruber. “Lecture to discuss this key, which involves the divine rationale behind the Old Testament’s rules regarding kosher animals and temple sacrifice. There will also be discussion of the New Testament, including Christian prohibitions on eating blood [Acts 15:29], and the vision of Simon Peter [Acts 10:9-16], wherein Saint Peter is told by God to eat all manner of meat.”

For information, call 209-5050.

The lecture is sponsored by Alura Anderson, a long-time worker at Thymely Solutions.

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