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RAGBRAI pre-ride comes to Fairfield Friday

Jun 06, 2013

Bike safety and road conditions are important to RAGBRAI riders.

Only one good way exists to inspect the selected roads for a bike event, and that is to ride on them.

That is exactly what will happen Friday when a team of knowledgeable cyclists thoroughly examine every mile of the RAGBRAI XLI route on bicycles.

For the ninth consecutive year, Jim Green and Dan McKay will lead the team riding the entire RAGBRAI route 50 days in advance of the event. Green, the retired RAGBRAI director, volunteered to help the event in any way possible after he retired from his post in 2004.

Green and McKay are joined by two dozen experienced cyclists including RAGBRAI Director T.J. Juskiewicz, RAGBRAI Assistant Director Scott Garner, GeoBike’s Rich Ketcham and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s executive director, Mark Wyatt.

The local Ride Right committees also will join the ride in their areas of the state. The group will be arriving in Fairfield on Friday and will be in town overnight, enjoying Fairfield’s 1st Fridays Art Walk.

In addition to reporting on road conditions, the team will be posting a daily update for the RAGBRAI.com web site, pointing out some places of interest along the route that riders won’t want to miss.

RAGBRAI works with the Ride Right committees to continually inspect the roads and report potential hazards to local officials and engineers who might be able to repair the roadways. The local Ride Right committee also alerts home owners on the route about the event and educates townspeople about bicycle safety.

Fairfield’s Ride Right committee consists of Deb Arnold, Dick Arnold, Julie Harvey, Cameron Harvey, Jeff Feist, Marion Pollack, Jody Loin, Greg Titus, Michael Fleischman and Jerry Hurst. These individuals have been instrumental in helping to check the RAGBRAI route road surface conditions with Darrel Bisgard, Brian Messer and Colin Smith.

The police department has been meeting with elementary students in their classrooms reviewing riding safety tips. The Fairfield Ride Right committee is planning to ride along with the pre-ride from Packwood to Fairfield. Anyone wishing to join in the pre-ride should contact Deb Arnold for more details at darn515@lisco.com or 472-3906.

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