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Reminiscing about old times

By Verda Baird | Mar 16, 2017
Photo by: GRAPHIC COURTESY OF VERDA BAIRD Fairfield’s logo advertising advertising the bicentennial in 1976.

To the editor:

Having just celebrated our 63rd anniversary, we start reminiscing about all the changes we continue to see in just Round Prairie and Cedar Townships since I wrote a long letter to the editor in January 1989. Of all the farms that touch ours, every 40 acres has now been sold at least once, several four times since we moved here 54 years ago.

I am not sure how close by I’d have to travel to find a married couple, on their home place, that are in their mid 80s to even ask “do you remember when …” or “who used to live on that farm.”

When re-reading that 1989 letter, I listed so many changes in buildings, and the rural landscape. Gone now are more fences, old hog finishing facilities where the farmer owned the hogs, the historical old 1854 Mt. Zion, Cumberland Presbyterian Church which the county burned down unannounced; the Cedar No. 6 Peach Blossom school was moved yet again this time to Van Buren County, two more farm homes on the Glasgow Road torn down, several more houses that burned, plus homes standing empty and also unused big blue Harvestores.

New items include hoop facilities, new grain bins, new grain legs, numerous brand new homes within 3 miles of us, solar energy panels on roof tops, recent tiling of farm fields, more miles of terraces and former CRP farm ground now being planted to crops. In our immediate neighborhood, Access Energy installed many miles of new light poles, first in 55 years, and not too far away Osage Avenue got paved.

Not to be overlooked are two close by farms with a total of about 75 horses, new hog finishing buildings where hogs are not owned by the farmer like “back when,” plus a facility for boarding dogs, and a young neighbor raising meat goats, with also occasional cute litters of Jack Russell or Blue Heeler puppies.

We now have a school bus on our gravel road after 35 years, promptly picking up a kindergartner at 7:29 a.m. Since 1981, there has been no school bus go by as our daughter drove her little Chevette to early bird classes her senior year. When she started in 1969, we had three school buses come each day, one son to Lockridge, one son to Fairfield Junior High, and our kindergartner going half days at 11:55 a.m. to Logan School before it closed a couple of years later. There were often 28 kids in classrooms back in 1969 and there was no room for her at Lockridge that year.

Enclosed is the Fairfield Logo from our bicentennial in 1976 many readers will not even remember. I used it on my letterhead when answering many of my genealogy customers from 1976-2010. This past week, a friend asked me when I was going to start writing the “Out of the Past” columns again for The Ledger. I did it for about 13 years from 1976-1989.


– Verda Baird, Fairfield




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