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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 20, 2018

Repair needed on N. Bergdahl Ct.

Sep 20, 2017

Dear Editor,

I have been living in Mt. Pleasant for four years now on the same street. For those four years, the street has been broken apart and curbs smashed in front of almost everyone’s home. The street is North Bergdahl Ct. My neighbors and I have seen road repair in several places in Mt. Pleasant over recent years. I wonder what it is that qualifies a street to be repaved? I wonder if those that make the decisions live on those streets or perhaps family members or other well-known people in the town? How can the town leave such streets for children and the elderly to easily fall and get hurt? Streets that are destroying tires, streets that make people ashamed when visitors arrive.

On occasion, a truck comes by with what looks like high school kids dropping a shovelful of tar into a hole and then driving off.

Is this the stone age? Or perhaps Mt. Pleasant has become part of a Third World country?

Worse then this is they don’t fill all the holes in that street even though they ARE IN THE SAME CONDITION. I guess they have homework to do!

Whoever is in charge of fixing our streets should resign the position or be removed from that position and be replaced with someone who has respect and concern for the appearance and safety of ALL Mt. Pleasant streets.

Bernard Feuer, Mt. Pleasant

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