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Republican, Democratic parties to hold caucuses Feb. 5

County convention March 10 for GOP, March 24 for Dems
By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Jan 26, 2018

The two major political parties will hold their party caucuses Feb. 5.

Both parties will start their meetings at 7 p.m., though in different places.



The Republicans will meet at Fairfield Middle School.

Precincts and the number of delegates selected from each one are:

Blackhawk-Polk-Packwood 8

Buchanan Township 6

Center-Cedar-Maharishi Vedic City 12

Fairfield 1st Ward 11

Fairfield 2nd Ward 4

Fairfield 3rd Ward 8

Fairfield 4th Ward 7

Fairfield 5th Ward 12

Liberty-Des Moines-Libertyville 10

Locust Grove/Batavia 7

Penn/Pleasant Plain 4

Walnut-Round Prairie/Lockridge 11

Precinct caucuses will perform the following functions:

1) Elect two persons Republican residents of the precinct to serve on the Jefferson County Central Committee;

2) Elect delegates, alternate delegates and Junior delegates to the Jefferson County Republican Convention to be held March 10;

3) Propose and vote on platform planks to send on to county convention.

Voter registration forms will be available to register or update voter registration.

The party’s distrinct convention will be April 28, and its state convention will be June 16.



Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are meeting at various locations around town. Voters must be signed in or in line by 7 p.m. to participate. The meeting place for each precinct is listed as follows:

Fairfield 1st Ward: Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

Fairfield 2nd Ward: Lincoln school

Fairfield 3rd Ward: Fairfield Senior Citizen Center

Fairfield 4th Ward: Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

Fairfield 5th Ward: Fairfield Public Library

Des Moines-Liberty: Libertyville City Hall

Buchanan: Fairfield Senior Citizen Center

Lockridge-Round Prairie-Walnut: Lockridge City Hall

Batavia-Locust Grove: Batavia Library

Blackhawk-Polk-Packwood: Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

Penn: St. Joseph Church

Cedar-Center: Jefferson County Fairgrounds

The purpose of the caucus is to:

1) Discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform;

2) Elect delegates and alternates to the county convention March 24;

3) Elect precinct committee people to County Central Committee. The party’s district conventions will be April 28, and its state convention will be June 16.

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