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Responsibility for Ash Avenue could change

By DIANE VANCE, Ledger staff writer | Nov 14, 2012

Jefferson County supervisor Lee Dimmitt said Batavia’s mayor had asked about changes in maintenance responsibilities for Ash Avenue, now that the county has included it on the latest request for designation as a Farm-to-Market road.

“He was asking what might change, as Ash Avenue goes into the heart of town,” Dimmitt said at the weekly board of supervisors meeting Tuesday.

Jefferson County engineer Scott Cline said Ash Avenue north of Highway 34 would be the county’s responsibility, but wasn’t sure about the portion south of the highway that continues into town.

“Applications will be reviewed Dec. 3, but the board won’t make or announce any decisions that day,” said Cline. “We won’t know if our request for Farm-to-Market road designations was approved until later.”

A resident at 2099 250th Street has made several requests for the road ditch by the property be cleaned out, as it is flush with the level of the road, causing flooding during rain. Discussion followed that clearing out one ditch would cause flooding to another property, and the county has several ditches that could be cleared.

“I think there’s a pipeline issue there, we can’t reduce cover over a [natural gas] pipeline to a certain depth,” said Cline. “I’ve asked Dave Duensing [county roads supervisor] to look at it.”

Cline asked for a 35-cent per hour salary step increase for one of his employees, Chad Lamansky, who has been in Secondary Roads department for three years and is eligible for the step increase. The supervisors approved the increase.

“He’s been doing a fantastic job down there,” said supervisor Dick Reed. “He is good at what he does as a mechanic and enjoys his job.”

Employee Abbie DeKleine in the county auditor’s office also was approved for a 10-cent per hour salary increase.

“Staff in the auditor’s office did a great job with this year’s record-setting early voting and worked many hectic days and long hours during the election season,” said Dimmitt.

Reed said those who worked the polls during early voting and on Election Day deserve a big thank-you.

“They put in a very long day on Election Day and many worked during the early voting,” said Reed. “Auditor Scott Reneker and his staff did a good job. We knew our elections results in a short time election night.”

Reneker said 60 people helped out at the polls this election season.

Dimmitt reported on an emergency services meeting he attended Friday.

“We reviewed the county emergency drill held in October,” he said. “Recommended procedures are already being implemented.

“A few real-world emergencies happened during the drill Oct. 6, but that’s OK because during a real emergency, that could happen also. A few problems were noted about identifying law enforcement personnel during the training.

“The drill accomplished exactly what we wanted,” said Dimmitt. “We wanted to find out what works and what doesn’t.”

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