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Retired School Personnel; Arc; Farm Bureau Women; Wit & Wisdom; Clover Kids

Jan 15, 2013


The Jefferson County Retired School Personnel will meet for a noon luncheon Jan. 23 at the    McElhinny House.

Hostesses will be Mary Margaret Horras,  Martha Cathey and Judy Hunter.

The program “Identity Theft” will be given by Ron Rominger.



The Board of Directors of The Arc of Jefferson & Nearby Counties will hold its first meeting of 2013 at 5:30 p.m. Jan, 24 in the basement community room of First United Methodist Church of Fairfield.

The agenda will include discussion on fundraising, recent and upcoming events with Special Olympics, President’s Annual Report, plans for the 40th anniversary of the local Arc and other business as needed.

For information about The Arc or this meeting, contact Mary Coffin at 919-7442 or write PO Box 806, Fairfield 52556.



The Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women met for a noon luncheon Jan. 8 at the Walton Club.

Shirley Stanley opened the meeting with a reading called “40 Rules for a Happy and Successful Life.”

Twelve people answered roll call to “People, Language and Sports of India.”

Therese Cummiskey, naturalist from the Jefferson County Park Nature Center, presented a program on the adventures of building a bird list. She also gave tips on what to feed birds.

Stanley brought up a proposed breakfast to be sponsored by the Farm Bureau at Fairfield Hy-Vee Food and Drug Store. More details will be available at a later date.

New programs were handed out for 2013. A “money box” was voted on to have at the meetings.

New officers were elected for 2013. They include Shirley Stanley, president; Phyllis J. Harris, vice president; Mary Carol Fish, secretary; Sandy Nelson, historian; and Shirley McCracken, public relations.

Carol Messer reported on the Farm Bureau Conference held earlier in Des Moines, which she and Jeannie Peiffer attended.

A reminder was issued to all high school seniors that March 1 is the deadline for applications for Farm Bureau scholarships. Parents must be Farm Bureau members. Applications are available at the Farm Bureau office.

The next Jefferson County Farm Bureau Women’s meeting will be Feb. 5.



President Sheri Neff called the January meeting of the Wit & Wisdom Club to order recently in the Fellowship Room of the First Baptist Church in Fairfield. Secretary Sue Long called the roll and then proceeded to read the minutes of the meeting Nov. 9. Inasmuch as the December meeting was actually a Christmas party held at the Fairfield Golf & Country Club, the November minutes were not read at that time, and there were no December minutes. The November minutes were approved unanimously as read.

Treasurer Jerry Long reported the club continues to be solvent.

There being no further business, Neff turned the meeting over to Ray and Laurie Woody who were in charge of the program.

Ray Woody announced Dr. James Frederick Clark, principle organizer and founder of the Wit & Wisdom Club in 1906, had been named a Fairfield Entrepreneur, and retired Fairfield High School art teacher Mark Shafer was working on a portrait of Clark and would give a presentation in the church’s sanctuary.

Using a series of slides, Shafer explained the process by which he had assembled the necessary items for developing a portrait of a creative, active man. Not only was Clark Fairfield’s first physician and surgeon, but he helped organize the first hospital in 1912, served as a medical officer in the U.S. Army in both the Spanish-American War and World War I and helped create the Army Nurse Corps. He introduced golf to Fairfield when he brought two clubs and three golf balls from Chicago, which were used on Lamson’s pasture, the beginning of the Fairfield Golf & Country Club, which claims to be the oldest such club west of the Mississippi River.

Shafer also is working elements of the Clark House at Main Street and Madison Avenue into the background of the portrait. Clark had wanted Frank Lloyd Wright to design his new house, but he was not available and suggested one of his students to undertake the assignment. The result so closely reflects Wright’s basic concepts, the house is often thought to have been done by Wright himself. The house was built before Fairfield had a hospital, and the second floor reflects Clark’s concern for the lack of such a facility. The second floor was designed by him to be a small, private hospital should the need arise. Such facilities were not uncommon in that era. Clark’s was never needed and soon the first public hospital was constructed on the site now occupied by the Sunnybrook Living Care Center.

Following Shafer’s presentation, the members reassembled in the Fellowship Hall for conversation and light refreshments. This part of the evening was hosted by Bob and Mary Keller assisted by Sally Denney and Jim and Betsy Wotherspoon.

The next meeting will be Feb. 8.




The Jefferson County Fairfield 4-H Clover Kids met 5:15-6:15 p.m. Thursday at the Jefferson County ISU Extension Office on the fairgrounds.

Beekeepers Vern and Doris Ramsey talked to the 17 members present about how important honey bees are, the work they do, that they are good bees to be around when you learn more about them. The group saw pictures of the different bees and the different colors of honey they produce, which depends on the plants they gather nectar from to make the honey. The Ramseys handed out crackers with fresh honey to the group. Sophia Mineart modeled a bee keeping suit for all to see, followed by a question-and-answer time.

For refreshments, honey graham crackers and lemonade with honey were served.

Helping with the activities were Phyllis Harris, Heather Pickard, Sherri and Sophia Mineart, Jason Steele, Leland and Shirley Stanley. A get-well card was signed by all for one of the Clover Kids helpers unable to attend the meeting.

The next meeting will be 5:15- 6:15 p.m., Feb. 14 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Activity Building.

— Shirley Stanley, Jefferson County Fairfield 4-H Clover Kids leader

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