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Richland water leaves much to be desired

By Raquel Smith | Jul 06, 2017

To the editor:

Residents of Richland have noticed some questionable things worth mentioning about the water quality. The water here is in many opinions undrinkable; it has a smell at times often of sewage. It has an undesirable taste and will give you a feeling of a lump in your throat, heartburn and other ill-feelings, upon frequent consumption.

I do not allow my family, nor visitors to drink it, and have witnessed the same opinions from other Richland City Water consumers. In claims, they pay nearly $3,500 a month to Federation Bank for “well-debt,” yet another well’s pump doesn’t even operate for the Mayor to give Seneca the sample they’ve been waiting on?

They have the money for those repairs as you can read.

Call city hall and ask the clerk for a copy of the current water quality. They publish 2016, but the clerk is supposed to be able to provide the “current” condition. I haven’t received my copy yet, ask for your copy today, because the way this water smells and tastes, it’ll be good to know how it’s testing. I hope for anyone’s sake who drinks the water it’s not in anyway unhealthy.

City hall and its elected officials are responsible to be sure the town has safe, clean water and that all facilities are kept up and in operable conditions at all times. All samples collected and tested in a timely fashion to help eliminate any health risk to its citizens. Hold them to water that doesn’t smell like toilet, and taste like it, too!


–Raquel Smith, Richland

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