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Right vote in election ‘critical’

By Mary LaFrancis | Nov 01, 2012

To the editor:

This election is the most critical of our lifetime with so many unprecedented issues at stake, many for the first time in American history!

The Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally was held in Fairfield Oct. 20. The hour long video filmed by Fairfield Media Center, formerly FPAC, can be seen at http://youtube/O6lfgFf88jM.

The website www.wallbuilders.com outlines a timeline of hostility to faith and values without equal from any previous American president, endangering our Constitution and Bill of Rights. First Amendment religious freedoms and conscience rights are in danger and can be lost. There are overriding of protections, treating with disrespect, deliberate omissions, rewriting government documents, radical homosexual rights, references not allowed to God in the military, reversing policies, ignoring, eliminating and issuing irreligious guidelines, assuming executive powers, broken promises, and other illegal and unconstitutional actions.

The controversial film “Dreams of My Real Father,” shown in Fairfield this past Sunday was attended by some 100 people, a documentary carefully researched and similar to others as “2016” showing in theaters nationwide, “Agenda” was shown locally, and other ongoing investigations that raise serious concerns about the influences at play in our present government and deserve our serious attention.

Then the tragedy and unanswered questions of Benghazi, the lack of protection, torture and murder of our ambassador, accepted as a friend by the Lybian people, the loss of the 3 soldiers who fended for the consulate. Then the matters of foreign policy, immigration, welfare and healthcare, not to say of the economy and jobs, escalating national debt, life issues, contraception, abortion, euthanasia, etc.

There are those who “don’t like either candidate” and are intending not to vote at all. But one must consider who will do the greatest harm in these next four critical years and then vote for the best person even though they may not fit our every expectation. Not voting in reality is two votes for the one we most don’t want.

We must vote for the best possible national, state and local candidates like our lives depend on it ... because it does! The future generations, our children and grandchildren are depending on us!


— Mary LaFrancis, Fairfield

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