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Rules reminder

Aug 13, 2013

Fairfield streets department superintendent Darrel Bisgard removes a railroad tie from a heap of rubbish Monday afternoon at the compost pile on South 20th Street in Fairfield. Bisgard said the railroad ties do not belong in any of the compost piles because they are not yard waste. He said he is disappointed at the amount of non-yard waste that is dumped at the site. The city cannot put railroad ties through the tub grinder because they have metal inside and consequently must pay when they are taken to a dump. Boards are not allowed either. Bisgard also said the compost site is only for residential use and not commercial use. He said if problems continue, the gate may need to be locked. At Monday’s city council meeting, the council discussed the possibility of installing a different sign that specifies what is meant by yard waste. Residents may dump lawn waste at the site such as brush, tree limbs and grass clippings. These are run through a tub grinder to make mulch, which is left at the site and is free for the taking.

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