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Run-off between Flournoy, Bosold

By DIANE VANCE | Nov 06, 2013

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy will serve a seventh two-year term as leader of city government.

Fairfield residents approved the public measure to reinstate a special levy for city capital improvements. The levy had been in effect from 1999 to 2009 and was not brought up for renewal before expiration because of an oversight.

The capital improvement levy was approved for another 10 years Tuesday beginning with taxes collected July 1, 2014, at 67.5 cents per $1,000 property valuation.

The one contested at-large Fairfield city council seat being vacated by Connie Boyer did not have one candidate win a 50 percent majority.

A run-off election will be held Dec. 3 between the top two vote getters, Patrick Bosold with 535 votes, or 44 percent of votes and Douglas Flournoy, who had 469 votes, or 39 percent.

Polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday in municipal elections throughout Jefferson County. Counting the paper ballots was done by hand for municipalities other than Fairfield and with several write-in positions final results in the county took about 90 minutes.

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will canvass Fairfield votes at 1 p.m. Thursday in the supervisors’ boardroom on the first floor at the Jefferson County Courthouse for the official results.

The remainder of the county’s votes from smaller municipalities will be canvassed at noon Tuesday, also by the county supervisors at the courthouse. Both canvasses are open to the public.

Unofficial results of Fairfield municipal elections show:

• The public measure for capital improvements levy was approved with 64 percent, or 764 yes votes; against 36 percent, or 426 no votes.

• Malloy was re-elected mayor with 85 percent of the votes, or 1,050 votes. Challenger Gary Kessler received 180 votes, or 15 percent. Write-in votes for Fairfield mayor were 11, or 0.89 percent.

• Other candidates for the at-large seat city council seat that will have a run-off election between Flournoy and Bosold were Andrew Perry, with 89 votes, or 7 percent; Richard Walbaum with 49 votes, or 4 percent; and Will Richards (who withdrew from the race after his name was printed on the ballot) with 44 votes, or 4 percent.

• The Fairfield city council seat to fill a vacancy was won by Jessica Ledger-Kalen, who had been appointed to fill the vacancy in January. She received 708 votes, or 73 percent. Write in votes for this seat made up 27 percent of the votes, or 256 votes.

• In Fairfield Ward 2, incumbent John Revolinski won 98 percent of the votes, with 298 votes. Write-in votes were 6 votes or 2 percent in Ward 2.

• In Fairfield Ward 4, incumbent Michael Halley won 93 percent of the votes, with 175 votes. Write-in votes were 14 votes or 7 percent in Ward 4.

Voter turnout in Fairfield was about 18 percent.


Incumbent Randy Major was re-elected mayor in Batavia, with 90 votes. His challenger, Tina McCoy received 30 votes.

Batavia had two open city council seats to fill and three candidates on the ballot. Both city council incumbents won; David Speas received 102 votes and Michael Shipler received 91 votes. Challenger Sidney Fultz had 10 votes.


Incumbent/appointed mayor Rodney Nelson was unopposed on the ballot and was re-elected mayor of Libertyville with 30 votes.

Nelson, a former city council member, was appointed mayor early this year when the former mayor moved out of town. About the same time, another city council member resigned, leaving Nelson’s seat and the resigned councilor seat vacant. Randy Melcher and Carrie Fleig were both appointed to Libertyville city council to fill those vacancies early this year.

Two city council seats expired and one incumbent Tom Atwood, whose name was on the ballot, won one seat with 18 votes. Two write-in candidates, Bob Glass and appointed/incumbent Melcher tied with 4 votes each.

In a third Libertyville city council seat, which was vacated, two write-in candidates, appointed/incumbent Fleig and Bob Glass tied with 3 votes each.

In the case of tied votes such as this, the county supervisors will draw lots for a winner of the candidates willing to serve at the official canvass Tuesday.


No one filed papers to run for mayor of Lockridge this term. Keith Parcell had 13 write-in votes for Lockridge mayor.

Three city council seats were on the ballot with three incumbent candidates: Paul Corbin received 36 votes; and Danny D. Nelson and Richard Richardson each received 34 votes.


Maharishi Vedic City

All city government positions expired this term and all incumbents filed for re-election unopposed and were re-elected.

Mayor Robert Wynne received 31 votes.

City council members are Chris Johnson, with 42 votes; Maureen Wynne, with 41 votes; Rogers Badgett, with 40 votes; Tim Fitz-Randolph, with 29 votes and William Goldstein, with 41 votes.



Packwood voters returned three incumbents to office, re-electing Dave Dickey as mayor with 23 votes; and two council members, Raymond Chambers and Virgil Chandler with 23 votes each.


Pleasant Plain

Pleasant Plain elected write-in candidate Dick Pohren as mayor with 13 votes.

City council had five seats to fill and candidates James Dunbar received 20 votes; Larry Hanshaw received 20 votes; and Donald Jacob Pohren received 18 votes. Two write-in candidates could fill out the remainder of the seats if they accept — Kay Pohren had 10 votes and Paul Kessel had 8 votes.


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