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RUSS board sets deadline for answer on Richmond, Rubio work

By TRISHA PHELPS, Golden Triangle News Service | Apr 15, 2013

MOUNT PLEASANT (GTNS) – The Regional Utility Service Systems (RUSS) board of directors voted on Wednesday to give the Washington County Supervisors until April 24 to give an answer on the status of the Richmond and Rubio system project.

Jack Seward Jr., of Washington County asked the board for another 30-day extension, as he was previously asked to give the board an answer by Wednesday’s meeting.

While the members of RUSS were aware that allowing too much time for Washington County would not allow RUSS enough time to complete the project in a timely manner, they understood Seward’s desire to have a solution that the residents of Richmond would be content with.

“Jack, from a compromise perspective, could your board have a special meeting and make that decision within a week to 10 days?” asked Lee Dimmit of Jefferson County.

“We meet once a week. We don’t need a special meeting,” replied Seward.

“But can you at your next board meeting make that decision so we don’t have to wait another 30 days?” asked Dimmit.

“I can’t promise that,” said Seward. “I’ve got another meeting this week with a group of individuals from the Richmond area. I’ll see what the reception is there. And at our next regular board meeting, we will air this thing out in public so the public knows what we are considering and why we are considering it.

“And then I think its only fair to the citizens of Washington County, once those facts become public, to let the public put some input in it.

“So that’s why I say that I can’t tell you that in 10 days we are going to make a decision, because the next meeting is six days from now. Even if we talk about everything fully and completely, two more days for the public to get some input in it, I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s fair.”

“Your public doesn’t come to your board meetings?” asked Dimmit.

“Sure they do,” said Seward.

“Then you could schedule your public hearing at your board meeting. We do it all the time,” said Dimmit.

Dimmit then made a motion stating April 24 as a “hard-fast deadline for Washington County to give its decision of moving forward or not with Rubio and Richmond projects (either jointly or separately). If no response is received by said date, RUSS would look at de-obligation of the funds through USDA RD.”

The motion carried with Seward abstaining.

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