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Russian National Ballet Theater brings ‘Swan Lake’ to Fairfield

Apr 21, 2017

With more than 60 dancers, the Russian National Ballet Theater sweeps the majesty of grand ballet history into the Sondheim theater with “Swan Lake” April 28 at 7:30 p.m.

This esteemed Russian company brings to the stage one of the most magical and well-known works from the classical ballet repertoire. With the instantly recognizable music of Tchaikovsky, a signature of classical ballet and the wonderfully dark story of good set against evil, “Swan Lake” is one of the most famous and loved of all works in the repertory.

This stunning fantasy ballet is inspired by the German legend of Odette, a beautiful princess turned into a swan at the hand of an evil sorcerer. With majestic choreography, an unforgettable score and exquisite costumes and sets, it is easy to see why “Swan Lake” continues to earn the adoration of classical ballet enthusiasts and attract newcomers.

The glamour of the palace ballroom is evocative of the Russian Imperial world in which the ballet was created, while the haunting moonlit lakeside is perfect for the tragic conflict of the human and spirit worlds. The central role of Odette/Odile is one of the most testing for any ballerina especially in portraying both the vulnerability of Odette the white swan and the predatory duplicity of Odile the black swan.

The Russian National Ballet Theatre was founded in Moscow during the transitional period of Perestroika in the late 1980s. During this time many of the great dancers and choreographers of the Soviet Union’s ballet institutions were exercising their new-found creative freedom by starting new, vibrant companies dedicated not only to the timeless tradition of classical Russian Ballet, but to invigorate this tradition as the Russians began to accept new developments in the dance from around the world.

The company, then called the Soviet National Ballet, was founded by and incorporated graduates from the great Russian choreographic schools of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm. The principal dancers of the company came from the upper ranks of the great ballet companies and academies of Russia, and the companies of Riga, Kiev and even Warsaw.

Today, the Russian National Ballet Theatre is its own institution, with more than 60 dancers of singular instruction and vast experience, many of whom have been with the company since its inception. In addition to its extensive tour history, beginning in January 2017 the company embarked upon a four-month coast-to-coast tour of the United States.

Tickets for Russian National Ballet’s “Swan Lake” are $47 for Zone 1, $41 for Zone 2, $30 for Zone 3 and $20 for Zone 4; youth tickets are $15.

Tickets are available at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center ticket office, 472-2787 and www.FairfieldACC.com.


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