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Santa parade Christmas Eve

By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Dec 18, 2017

Santa and Mrs. Claus will make their annual trip to Fairfield Sunday night.

Before they scurry down the town’s chimneys with glee, they’ll make a public appearance at the 87th annual Christmas Eve parade, sponsored by Fairfield Rotary Club.

This year’s parade is dedicated to the memory of Ed Stater, who died Nov. 8. Stater was Fairfield Rotary Club treasurer for more than 30 years, and drove the parade tractor for more than three decades.

Members of the Stater family will dress as elves to hand out candy and assist Santa at his stop in Central Park.


The route

The parade will begin at 5 p.m. from the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. Residents should note the parade began following a new route last year, which it will continue with this year.

Santa will leave the convention center heading north on Main Street, then turning west onto Grimes Avenue, where he will proceed to 22nd Street, then south to Burlington Avenue, where he’ll turn east. The next leg of the route will be to go south down Sixth Street, then east on West Adams Avenue to Maple Street. It will proceed south to Madison Avenue, and then head east until Santa makes a northern turn onto D street. He’ll travel just one block until he gets to Broadway Avenue, where he will head west. He’ll take Broadway to Court Street, then head south one block to turn west onto Burlington Avenue. Finally, the parade will head north on Main Street, where it will come to a stop on the west side of Central Park.



Years ago, Bill Stever’s four draft horses drew Santa’s sleigh. Those horses worse special bridles decorated with reindeer antlers weighing 20 pounds, held apart by hockey sticks. Nowadays, Rotarians have adapted the tradition by pulling Santa’s sleigh with a John Deere tractor. Ron Haines will do the honors of pulling the sleigh this year.

Parade chairman Dave Reiff said the sleigh will arrive at Central Park between 6-6:30 p.m. to deliver treats and take any last-minute Christmas wishes. Andrew and Tena Edlin will play Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Reiff said members of Rotary’s youth service clubs, Interact for children 12-18 and Rotaract for young adults 18-30, will sing Christmas carols and distribute 500 bags of candy at the square. Each child who visits will get to sit in the sleigh with Santa and receive a bag of goodies.

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