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School board discusses renovations

By DIANE VANCE | Jun 19, 2013

The Fairfield school board finished up legal paperwork for the $10 million bond sale Monday and Superintendent Art Sathoff said the money would be in the bank June 27.

“The plan is the new science classrooms will be renovated in summer 2014,” he said.

Sathoff said further design and development would be ongoing through the end of the calendar year, with actual construction work beginning next spring.

The district and its construction manager, Carl A. Nelson & Company, plan to use the two summers, 2014 and 2015, for the most disruptive renovations and heavy construction at Fairfield High School.

“We’ll lose 35 parking spots during construction and with the new west entry planned,” said Sathoff.

Fred McElwee shared a plan to add 47 parking spaces west of the current west parking lot.

“We’ll lose a year of green space,” said Sathoff. “We’ll have to have some inconvenience in process [of the high school project] but I don’t see any departments or anyone getting less than they have now.”

McElwee shared the plan he requested from French-Reneker Associates Inc. to add 47 parking spaces at the high school.

“Our infrastructure budget can handle this,” he said.

Estimated construction costs are $134,000. Adding contingencies, $13,000; engineering costs, $11,500; and engineering during construction, $8,500; the total project is estimated at $167,000.

“Carl Nelson could do the project, but they would have to hire a design firm,” said McElwee. “French-Reneker worked up a design, but they have to hire a contractor for the work.”

McElwee said the proposed additional parking spaces would be constructed between the current parking lot and the old tennis courts, in a manner to not disrupt trees as much as possible. Access in would be only from East Briggs Avenue. Exit would be only through the south end of the current parking lot.

“Instead of paving, do this new addition in rock, let it settle and spend money for paving the existing parking lot across Broadway in front of the school,” said board member Bob Waugh.

McElwee said he’d like to see the proposed parking lot get done, start to finish.

“For appearances and safety, I’d rather see a paved lot,” said board member Jeri Kunkle. “Remember, the new entrance for the high school will be on the west, and gravel doesn’t look as nice and it could bring dust into the building.”

Board member Amy Miller said she’s interested in the cost of paving the existing lot across Broadway. Water run-off along the inclined entrance driveway gets rutted and the lot gets lots of use, she said.

Board member Jerry Nelson agreed.

McElwee agreed to get estimates of the cost to pave the parking lot across Broadway and gravel the proposed lot.

He brought quotes received from two local vendors for the proposed press box for the district’s softball field.

Morton Buildings Inc. and Cleary Building Corp. submitted quotes $8,231 apart, but McElwee showed the differences in the two in materials. He had made a comparison chart for the school board to review.

The press box installed last summer at the baseball field is a Morton product, and McElwee is interested in having a consistent look for the fields.

He had given each company the same quote specifications, he said.

“I wasn’t there at the time, but Cleary came to the baseball field and looked at the press box and was told to have it look the same,” said McElwee.

“With the quote given, if the decision is to go with Cleary, I’d want to have it match, and that will affect the price quoted,” he said.

Cleary Building Corp. submitted a bid at $17,448; Morton Buildings Inc. quoted a new press box at $25,679.

Some of the differences in the two companies’ bids include:

• Morton, 26 guage-0.019-inch thick steel; Cleary, 29 guage-0.0142-inch thick steel.

• Wainscot on building — Morton, on four sides; Cleary, on three sides.

• Protective liner — Morton, 7/16-inch oriented strand board complete sheathing on field face, 7/16-inch sheathing on ends diagonally opposite for wind protection and behind all wainscoting; Cleary, OSB behind wainscoting only, size not specified. McElwee pointed out having a protective liner at diagonally opposite ends will help keep the press box stabilized in wind.

• Roof system — Morton, 4/12 pitch with 0.5-inch Thermax insulation, supports interior ceiling, includes vent-a-ridge; Cleary, 2/12 pitch, no insulation, not designed to support a ceiling, no vent-a-ridge specified. McElwee said the ceiling support in Morton’s building was an important issue.

• Overhang/ventilation — Morton, 24-inch overhang with venting on two long sides of building, 24-inch non-vented on other two sides and gutter/downspout included; Cleary, 24-inch overhang with vented soffit all four sides, prep sidewall for gutter, gutter/downspout included.

• Walk-in door — Morton, two specified color-matched to siding; Cleary, two specified, white color, does not match siding. McElwee said he would paint the white doors to match siding.

• Windows — Morton, four size-specified; Cleary, four specified, sizes different than baseball press box. Two windows would be 60-by-40 inches and two would be 40-by-30 inches.

• Floor system — Morton, 2-by-10-inches-by-12-foot-16-inches on center, three-quarter plywood flooring; Cleary, 2-by-12-inches-by-12-foot-24-inches on center, 23/32 plywood decking. McElwee said the floors were significantly different. Morton has closer spacing for supports.

Board members discussed the lower price Cleary offered, but agreed it was hard to compare two quotes with different specifications.

“Morton has done some in-kind work for us, also,” said McElwee. “Morton’s helped with scoreboards and some materials in the new restrooms at Trojan Stadium.”

Waugh said if both companies were asked to provide the same specifications, and the school district did not receive the same specifications, the board would decide with the facts provided.

The board voted 6-0 to accept Morton’s bid for a new press box at the softball field.

Board president Jennifer Anderson was absent from the meeting Monday.

McElwee said construction is scheduled to start after the softball season ends this summer.


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