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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 19, 2017

School board discussing Libertyville’s future

By NICOLE HESTER-WILLIAMS Ledger staff writer | Nov 18, 2016

“We know that we’ll be doing some budget cuts, and there is serious conversation about Libertyville, and that’s as far as it is right now,” said Fairfield Community School District superintendent Laurie Noll about the possibility of shutting down Libertyville Elementary School in the future.

Noll said during Monday’s school board meeting, the board plans to give school administrators a directive about what they feel should be cut in order for the district to maintain a balanced budget.

“We’re going to explore options, but that doesn’t mean anything in particular,” Noll said, adding that schools with less than 100 students in the building would be looked at.

“Since there are 82 students in the building [at Libertyville], there is strong conversation,” she said.

Libertyville parents met earlier in the week to discuss the matter, and to get the word out into the community.

“It’s just important that the whole community knows about it,” said Libertyville parent Crystal Hammes. “Not a whole lot of families know that this is on the agenda.”

Hammes has two children ages 6 and 4. Her 6-year-old attends Libertyville Elementary, while her 4-year-old is in pre-school at Washington Elementary.

“I’m just trying to keep an open mind about everything, and I want to know the facts,” Hammes said. “I think everyone in the community needs to know everything before decisions are made.”

Although Hammes said that she attended Libertyville Elementary as a child, she said that her husband attended Washington Elementary, so they would understand if the school had to close.

However, she wondered if increasing the class sizes at Washington and Pence would be a good idea for students because the more students a teacher has, the less time he or she has to spend with students individually.

“I went to Libertyville growing up, but if it makes financial sense to close it, then I guess that’s what we need to do. I’m really impartial at this point; we just want what’s best for the community,” Hammes said.

Hammes plans to attend Monday’s school board meeting to learn more.

The Fairfield Community School District Board of Directors’ will meet at 7 p.m. Monday at the Administration/Curriculum/Technology Center.

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