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Scott: Not satisfied with satisfactory

By Nicole Major, Ledger staff writer | Sep 06, 2017
Kelly Scott

Twelve people are in the running for seats on the Fairfield Community School District’s board of directors this year, and The Ledger will showcase each one one with a mini-profile from now until just before the election on Tuesday.

Candidates were given the opportunity to respond to five questions. Today’s showcase features Kelly Scott, who is running for one of three four-year terms.


1. Please briefly explain what prompted you to run for a seat on the Fairfield Community School District’s board of directors.

There was no “A-ha” moment that prompted me to run, it has been in the process for a while. I have been playing with the idea of getting involved in government in some way especially local. Then this last presidential election provided me with the opportunity to be involved and I truly enjoyed the process, so when there were going to be so many seats available on the school board I thought why not, I can do this.

I am a strong supporter of public education and this fits the local governing idea I had. Additionally, by working in another town I wanted to maintain a connection to the community since the things that kept me involved such as coaching Little League, youth football, Cub Scouts etc. have passed me by due to the age and activities of my own children. So this endeavor meets that need, too.

Finally, I believe that I would do a good job for the district, its students, and the community, so Fairfield gets a need met, making it a win. So, I am a candidate.


2. What do you think the current board is doing right? Are there any areas that you think the board could improve upon?

First, I would like to thank those outgoing board members for their service. Due to the election, school gearing up to start, renovations going on, and daily life, I don’t know if anyone has stopped for a second and said thanks for your service to the kids of Fairfield. Some may have disagreed with some decisions, but you can’t make all the people happy all the time.

That being said, I believe the school board has done a fine job directing the education of Fairfield’s students. As far as areas of improvement, there is always room for improvement because once any business or organization is satisfied with where they are and stops looking toward greater growth, a better product, or efficiency, they are no longer viable.

That’s what I meant when I said during the forum about “acceptable” being acceptable, to me that is unacceptable and that is what I will want to focus upon: Growth, efficiency, and viability.


3. If elected to the school board, what assets would you bring to the table? Please talk about both your professional and personal experiences.

Personally, I’ve had many experiences throughout my life due to careers before teaching which have taken me to foreign countries, placed me in tense situations, and forced me to work with a world of diverse people and beliefs. It is these situations that have provided me with my greatest assets of patience, a willingness to work with anyone to accomplish the task at hand, and an analytical mind-set and vision that I will bring to the board.

Professionally, I believe that standing in a classroom everyday gives me the insight to presumably know what teachers and students need to be successful and minimize stresses. I also believe that my knowledge of curriculum, the upcoming and enacted laws such as the Common Core, will make me an effective leader on the board and an asset to the community and it’s students.


4. What is your stance on the latest hot button issues, such as grade alike, Libertyville Elementary School closing etc.?

As far as hot button issues the board has recently faced and my stance on them is that they did what they felt they had to and made them with the best interests of the student’s and the district’s bottom-line. Personally, my position is that all decisions should be made after pertinent research, data collection and its use, to make an informed strictly analytical decision based upon the bottom-line, what is best for the majority of students, while staying within the established laws of the land. Feelings, sentiment, and comfort are all great things and have a place in decisions, but they are secondary to evidence and analysis, even if it disappoints some.


5. What unique thing or things about you helps to distinguish you from your peers?

I don’t believe that I am any different or have a “unique thing” that distinguishes me from my peers. We are all in this election with individual strengths and weaknesses to do what we think is best for the students, district, and community. All I can say about myself is that every career I’ve been involved in have all been about service; military (Army), Probation officer, part-time Firefighter and EMT, now a Teacher and former Coach. As you can see service to community is at the base of who I am, and I don’t see that changing.

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