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Seniors answer survey about school

By DIANE VANCE | Jun 21, 2013

Fairfield High School Class of 2013 answered 18 questions about their school, their educational experience and teachers in the annual exit survey before graduating.

Monday, school board member Jeri Kunkle said a couple responses concerned her.

The statement: Fairfield High School maintained a drug-free environment, could be answered with — excellent, good, average, below average, needs improvement and no response.

The largest percentage of responses, 30.1 percent or 34 seniors, choose “needs improvement.”

The second highest response, 27.4 percent or 31 seniors, responded “average,” followed by “below average” at 23.9 percent or 27 seniors.

Two students or 1.8 percent, gave “no response;” seven seniors or 6.2 percent, rated FHS “excellent” at being drug-free; and 12 seniors or 10.6 percent, said it was “good.”

“As a board, how can we support improvements to make the school a drug-free environment?” said Kunkle.

“Data shows we’re making inroads on drinking,” said Superintendent Art Sathoff. “We need to change adults’ attitudes in the community about drinking before seeing a big improvement. I’m very concerned with this issue.”

Kunkle said one step the board has revised the good conduct policy to better deal with the problem.

She also singled out: students and parents were regularly notified concerning academic progress.

Thirty-two students, 28.3 percent, answered “average;” 29 students, 25.7 percent, replied “good;” 25 students, 22.1 percent rated it “excellent;” 19 students, 16.8 percent, answered “below average;” seven students, 6.2 percent, said “needs improvement;” and one student, 0.9 percent, gave “no response.”

“This surprises me — with so much online information about grades and progress for parents and students to check, is it not getting updated consistently?” Kunkle said.

Sathoff said teachers were pretty consistent updating grades online.

“About 25-to-30 percent of our households in the district have no Internet at home,” he said.

“This is perception data,” Sathoff said. “Students can answer however they choose. Some of the other areas, such as did students feel staff cared about student individuals, 71 percent, 80 out of 113 students, answered yes.”

In other business Monday, the school board:

• Approved the quote from Waste Management for garbage disposal for the 2013-14 school year at $1,307 per month during school months and $573 per month during the summer. If dumpsters are not used during summer, there will not be a charge for those dumpsters.

Fred McElwee, director of auxiliary services, said Waste Management was the only provider to respond to a request for bids.

Recycle containers will be added to elementary buildings; the high school was the only building that had them this past year. Other buildings in the district still recycled, but district staff had to transport it to the high school.

• Approved the lone bid from All American Pest Control for the 2013-14 school year at $345 per month and $45 per hour for special applications.

“The price is the same as we had this year,” said McElwee.

• Tabled a recommendation from McElwee to purchase a John Deere 4720 tractor with a cab, with a trade-in of the district’s 2003 John Deere 4710 tractor with approximately 2,500-plus hours. Board members Bob Waugh and Jerry Nelson said a cab was not necessary and added to the expense of purchase and maintenance.

McElwee said the idea was have snow plowing and mowing more climate-controlled for operators.

Other board members asked McElwee to bring quotes for a tractor with and without a cab so they could compare.

• Tabled a recommendation for McElwee to send out a fuel request for proposal. Again, board members asked for more information.

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