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Sheriff’s office will not demand money over phone

By Gregg Morton, Jefferson County Sheriff | Jun 07, 2018

To the editor:

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has recently been notified that a local resident was the victim of a possible scam.

According to the complainant, a person identifying themselves as the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office called and told the victim that they had missed jury duty and they needed to call a local phone number to send a money order to avoid being arrested.

This is a scam and at no time will anyone from the sheriff’s office call you on the phone advising you have missed jury duty. If you miss jury duty, you will be visited by a deputy to ascertain the reason why you were absent.

Unfortunately, there seems to be more of these scams going on lately. These criminals like to make threats of arrest and imprisonment if a person does not send them money. Never send money to an unknown source and please call your local law enforcement if at any time you receive a phone call from law enforcement demanding money.

On a side note, the only thing you will receive from me in the *mail* is the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association fund drive that is advantageous to your local Sheriff’s Office. This will never be done by phone.

Any questions please call 472-3576 and speak to someone in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.


- Gregg Morton, Jefferson County Sheriff

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