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Sick of opposition to Heartland Co-op

By Kenneth R. Simmons | May 30, 2014

To the editor:

I’m getting darn sick and tired of reading about opposition from folks with namby-pamby attitudes toward a business that will bring a considerable amount of revenue for our city and county.

When people want to spend huge amounts of money on a swimming pool, basketball court, and tennis court, and who knows what’s next, an ET port or Big Foot path? The opposition makes no sense.

I’ve lived 76 years and smelled every variety of dust this county has. Some odors are unpleasant at times but I don’t object.

For a change, the supervisors approved a business that is slated to make money for the community instead of pouring money down a frivolous project, as some are advocating, that will create a tremendous maintenance cost.

If you’re not happy with the progress in agriculture, get in your car and drive and don’t come back. We like our lifestyle the way it is.


– Kenneth R. Simmons, Fairfield


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