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Socialism infecting modern America

By Mika Daily | Mar 28, 2013

To the editor:

Thanks be to God for patriots like James Lee Elliott [“American History Matters,” Page 4, March 14].

I have written many letters in the same vein as Mr. Elliott. My letters always go over the measly 500-word limit, so I haven’t sent them. However, I will now rededicate myself to better editing and get on with completing them.

Everything Mr. Elliott so gently and eloquently wrote is true; I’ve already proven to myself every category of his thought with years of study, research, writing — and prayer, as everything worthwhile must be so accompanied.

When my friends and I talk of what matters, America, we always find ourselves deep into the history of this awesome country! And not only our history but world history, because the world is full of failed states and failed experiments. And not only our country, but countries of the world. I’ve traveled and lived in enough countries to know why I chose to stay here. I’ve known a survivor of a Nazi death camp; I knew a woman who escaped from her Eastern European communist country. I’m close with Americans who’ve lived in the Middle East for a decade.

Until all of those experiences — and more — I was a liberal. Even though in the ’60s and ’70s it was hard to fly the liberal flag while in the military, I did so.

You say “true” liberals aren’t military? Really? How do you think Nadal Hasan (Ft. Hood major; massacred his fellow soldiers while screaming “Allahu Akbar”) was charged with “workplace violence” instead of terrorism, murder, sedition, treason, and whatever else of which he is truly guilty? Was that a true-blue rule-of-law patriot decision?

Until socialism and communism began to infect America, we were the first oasis of true freedom. Our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our free enterprise system, have never been developed anywhere else but here. Why? Our heritage is from brilliant men, women, and children who recognized that humanity is accountable to the One Living God, that His Word is indeed the Bible: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Those of us who think rationally, who value our history, who demand truth and love our Covenants with God are in no way supportive of the Amerikka being spawned out of the fundamental transformation so lauded by present-day liberals. The “fundamental transformation of America” is liberalism that is anything but liberal (and, thanks to Jonah Goldberg for the term smiley-face fascism).


— Mika Daily, Fairfield

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