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Solar energy is key to Fairfield’s future

By Will M. Davis | Jul 03, 2013

Fairfield can lead the country for creating a net export of solar energy and solar technologies.

The implementation of solar power everywhere in Fairfield will make the city self-sufficient in energy. By having the world’s largest per capita city array of solar panels, Fairfield can sell excess energy to America to help create a healthier and more prosperous nation.

Fairfield’s city hall, police station, all schools, banks, businesses, shops, homes, hotels, our hospital, MUM, Iowa State University Agricultural Extension, and Indian Hills College should be utilizing solar energy, to cut down their expenses and save the city money in the long run.

The accounting equation, assets equal liabilities plus owner’s equities, will show economic progress: improved solar technology assets and at least net energy zero utility bills. A Fairfield city corporation could sell net excess solar energy to America to pay off the city’s debts.

Solar energy comes from light particles called photons. They are converted to electric energy which is carried by electrons in wiring. The conversion is a process mediated by quantum mechanical fields. There is an exchange of light to electric energy and a fair exchange with Alliant to create net energy zero utility bills.

Once Fairfield creates a demonstration model for the U.S., the U.S. will follow. The U.S. won’t have to fight wars for oil. Instead the US can export clean solar energy and solar technologies to implement in the third world. This will create allies world wide.

Fairfield’s students can help design and run solar power for our schools. This will motivate them to become intelligently self-sufficient, contributing to a more rapid growth of safe wealth in the world.


– Will M. Davis, Fairfield


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