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Solutions for Heartland Co-op

By Will M. Davis | Apr 17, 2014

To the editor:

The American farmer is the immortal champion. We all depend on the farmer for our food life, perhaps more than we depend on anyone else in life. The American farmer is the most intelligent, strong, virtuous and dedicated hero. He knows the land, the weather, and the forces of nature, and applies his genius to miraculously create food and defeat all the interfering negative forces. He may have to work day and night often, exhausted, alone, with courage, to battle vicious forces which destroy the crops and animals, like tornadoes.

Jefferson County farmers should be respected in the highest way. A huge natioanally prominent, bronze statue commemorating the American farmer could be erected just east of Overland Sheep Company. It should be as dignified as an elite U.S. commanders military memorial to commemorate the American farmer's valor. At the opening, and always, there should be red carpets rolled out for all Jefferson County farmers and their families, and attending U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

If Heartland has a heart they should split their project by rebuilding for free any needed replacement structures for Reiff Grain, guaranteeing Reiff Grain a larger profit margin, and constructing a huge grain facility far enough away from Fairfield, to preserve Fairfield residential property values. Never the less, anyone approaching Fairfield from any direction will see this monumental grain facility, which will be the pride of the Midwest. As in hospitals, where marble plaques commemorate donors, the Heartland Co-op facility could have dignified marble plagues listing all the local organizers of this project. New investors will be drawn to Fairfield, because all will know the grain facility was organized by the brilliant local elected Fairfield representatives.

A farmer's museum, including exhibits on the care of sheep, grain storage, and the history of Iowa farming, could be made at the location of the bronze American farmers memorial or at the massive Heartland grain facility.

Heartland has the resources to accomplish all these plans, and Fairfield has the wherewithal to implement them.

This will show that Fairfield warmly welcomes farmers, grain dealers, and dealers of farming products, like sheep skins, to live in our town. Then we will be celebrating and farming here for generations on these fair fields.


– Will M. Davis, Fairfield

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