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South Carolina family appreciates Good Samaritan

By Barbara Kistler | Aug 08, 2013

To the editor:

During the 2013 Jefferson County Fair, a family traveling from South Carolina through Iowa had stopped in to experience our Fair.

While they were here, a member of the family set their brand new Sony camera down in the Show Arena and forgot to pick it up! Some Good Samaritan found that camera and turned it in to the Extension Office.

The next day, the owner of that camera called to see if perhaps, someone had turned it in … and imagine their surprise and relief when the question was answered in the affirmative! The lady sent the Extension Office $20 to mail that camera back to South Carolina. It certainly didn’t cost $20, so the paper change was mailed back to her as well, and I thought that was that.

Well, on Monday, July 22, 2013, I received a thank you letter and a small donation to Jefferson County 4-H from that lady in South Carolina, with a thank you “to whoever found it and turned it in” and a thank you to myself for mailing the paper change back to them.

“Thank you for keeping it in the safe and for going to all the trouble of getting it mailed back to us safe and sound! And thank you to the lady whose name and phone number was listed on the info about the Fair on the IPAD. She gave me your phone number! Thank you all so much!”

So, thanks to you, Good Samaritan, we thought we’d use that donation towards a pizza party for all of our 4-H volunteers who have been helping with the day camps this past month. Those kids have been out there sweltering right along with the rest of us to make sure the children have a memorable experience this summer.

Just goes to show a little honesty and the Golden Rule goes a long way … and a great representation of Iowans and our Community. Thank you Good Samaritan…whoever you are … and God Bless!


– Barbara Kistler, Jefferson County ISU Extension Office Assistant

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