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STEM night was sight to behold

By Richard Thompson | Mar 09, 2017

To the editor:

On Feb. 27, I went to the Fairfield Public Library as part of my daily routine to read the newspapers and magazines and work on genealogy projects. I anticipated just another quiet visit with staff and friends.

Imagine my surprise to go through the front doors and see dozens of Fairfield Middle School students in all parts of the library - in the front area, the children's department, down aisles and well into the section where the newspapers and magazines are available for reading.

I had heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for students but had never witnessed that activity in person.

To see so many young students on the floor and around tables, with such unbridled enthusiasm, working with each other in teams and seeking help from school volunteers/teachers (and the FPL's own Afton Hallauer) was a sight to behold.

For a short time it can be said that the proper decorum of a library went out the window, but for me and other library patrons to stand aside and watch with awe at seeing young students - boys and girls, wanting to learn about math and science projects, the time spent at the library on Monday was such an inspiration.

Perhaps someday one of these students will become an astronaut, create a worldwide social network program, or go into medicine and develop a cure for a disease.

Without any doubt, the STEM program is something that should be encouraged and supported by all schools, the communities, and business endeavors.

The sheer enthusiasm of the students on Monday at the Fairfield Public Library (and, too, at the STEM Fair at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Expo Hall) brought such a smile to my face - knowing that the future is bright for these young children who are guided by teachers, school and library staffs, and volunteers.

It is so important that students be given the chance to learn and appreciate the sciences, mathematics, and the arts (creating science projects does take a good dose of artistic/creative design) - in these times of limited budgets programs such as STEM will lead the way to getting students wanting to stay in school and continue with higher education.

Please support the STEM program in any way that you can!

Thank you to all who organized the STEM Fair activities and experiences on Monday here in Fairfield.


– Richard Thompson, Fairfield

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