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Strawhacker gave booster club one last challenge

High school booster club will attempt to raise an additional $25,000
By Allyus Fritz | Aug 02, 2013

Bill Strawhacker gave the Fairfield Trojan Booster Club one final challenge before he died of cancer in March… in his will.

In addition to the normal money raised by boosters throughout this school year, if through special events they can accumulate at least $25,000 more, Strawhacker’s estate will match that amount of money.

Essentially, if boosters can raise $25,000 more than they normally do, they’ll receive $50,000 total. And if the boosters don’t make it to the $25,000 additional bucks? No dice.

Strawhacker was a booster for years. The support that he gave the community of Fairfield was so great that the press box at the high school football field is named after him. His service to the booster club began in the early 1980s and he spent many years as the club’s president as well. Strawhacker was even the radio color commentator at football games.

Booster Chad Thompson hopes the money can be raised not only because it will help the students, but also so they can honor Strawhacker’s legacy.

“Bill was without a doubt one of the biggest supporters of Trojan athletics,” Thompson said in an email. “But he always did it in a fairly quiet, background type of way.”

Raising this amount of money will obviously force Trojan supporters to go above and beyond what they’re used to donating. Athletes going door-to-door and local business contributions will likely not be enough. The booster club is currently planning events. The only event set in stone is the “Play It Again Trojans” fundraiser, which is essentially a sports garage sale, which will take place in conjunction with the Meet the Trojans scrimmages on Aug. 22. Boosters thought about putting up a tent during RAGBRAI, but in the end decided it would be too much trouble.

“Gate revenues and things like that aren’t enough to make it happen,” Thompson said.

How would this money be spent? That is up to Activities Director Jeff Courtright. However, stadium and field repairs would be at the top of the list. Then there are always the things that booster funds normally go to, such as paying referees, new equipment, new jerseys, transportation, etc.

No matter what the next year holds for Fairfield High School, according to Thompson the Strawhacker challenge is now officially underway.

“Bill gave us a year from right now.”


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