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Street laws, ordinances should be well known

By Tiff Widmer | Feb 28, 2013

To the Editor:

I used to think not much would surprise me, but that has changed yet again.

In the last few weeks, someone has gone to the city council to complain about a ticket for riding his bike on the wrong side of the street. Almost any third grader can tell you that you ride your bike on the right side of the street, and you obey all the same traffic laws as a car (stop signs, one way streets, etc.).

Or, as my late aunt taught her school kids, “Stay on the right and you’ll never be wrong.”

Then there are letters to the editor criticizing the police for enforcing laws on underage drinking and parking. People selling alcohol know the laws about selling to minors.

I understand that mistakes reading a license can happen, but many of the businesses never even asked for a license. No wonder Jefferson County has one of the biggest teen drinking problems in the state.

Also, people should know by now there is only 24-hour parking on any city street. Otherwise, it makes street cleaning in summer and snow clearing in winter much harder.

Walking instead of driving is very commendable, and I would encourage it. Just park off the street when you do it or suffer the consequences.

Everyone makes mistakes but please just accept your punishment and stop complaining about the fine officers of the Fairfield Police Department while they do their job enforcing city and state laws.


- Tiff Widmer, Fairfield


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