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Student-athlete-artist Maddie Smith and her bees

By Justin Webster | Mar 27, 2018
Photo by: JUSTIN WEBSTER/Ledger photo Senior Maddie Smith painted a bee-themed mural in the top floor hallway of FHS to raise awareness and bring color to the plain beige walls.

Fairfield senior Maddie Smith was not only on the homecoming court this past fall, she’s stayed busy with concert band, being a manager of the wrestling team and now she’s starting soccer.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, she managed to paint a pretty amazing mural of some fat bees flying along the walls of FHS.

The Fairfield Ledger spoke with the twelfth-grade student-athlete-artist about her project and her future.


What was your inspiration?

Smith: I wanted to paint a mural because that whole hallway was bland with plain beige walls and I thought it needed color. It’s a big deal that bees are dying because if they die, we die, so I wanted to do something that put an emphasis on that. We need the bees.


Did you research the proper look of a certain type of bee?

Smith: I tried my hardest to genuinely find a general body shape of a bee but I ended up doing a ton of research on prairie flowers. It took forever, but I went through pamphlets and websites and used a lot of google images.


What resources were involved in the project?

Smith: One Sharpie, one paintbrush and a lot of Mr. Kraemer’s paint. Combined, I’d say I used a pint of paint.


What are you most proud of in regards to the project?

Smith: I think that I left something behind for Fairfield, I left a lasting effect. It might just be paint on the wall, but it’s something for people to remember me by.


Are you in favor of another student painting over your mural in the future with their own message?

Smith: Definitely. If they found something different or a way to innovate mine, that’d be totally cool.


You are involved with Fairfield in many groups and in different ways, what does “Trojan Pride” mean to you?

Smith: For me personally, it’s kind of a family aspect, especially after recently losing a classmate and us coming together. It’s nice to know that we can do that even though we all have our differences, we can come together for something bigger.


What do you want your legacy to be at FHS?

Smith: I want to be remember as enthusiastic and positive. I try to instill positivity in others and be more optimistic.


Why do you feel it’s important for people your age to start getting involved?

Smith: During high school is when you find out who you really are. When people find a cause, it helps them build and grow and high school is an essential time for that.


Why should people listen to high schoolers?

Smith: I think it fits with any generation of teenagers, but we have a different perspective. You can say, “I remember high school” but there is nothing like in the now and our view is based in this age and how things are now.


Have you decided on college?

Smith: I’m going to Drake University to study neuroscience so I can go to medical school afterwards. I definitely want to minor in Spanish and Art.


When you are a rich, fancy doctor, will you come back to look at your fat bees?

Smith: *giggling* Yeah, I hope so.


Why is art important?

Smith: I think it’s a big plus for expression and learning to deal with your mistakes.

If there is one thing I have learned from art, it’s that messing up is 100 percent of all of it and you learn to either fix it or work around it and still be pleased with the outcome.

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