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Subdivision will house teaching facility for organic farming

By DIANE VANCE | Apr 08, 2013

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors approved Sofair Farms, a minor subdivision of the 20-acre tract at 2379 Mint Blvd., today, after reviewing a plan presented by owner Tom Greene.

“I’m proposing four lots, with two lots along Mint Boulevard,” said Greene. “It will be part of a teaching facility for organic farming.”

Greene said he was in the process of renovating the older farmhouse on the property.

Supervisor chairman Lee Dimmitt said four lots, qualifying as a minor subdivision, does not need to go through as many procedural hurdles as a subdivision.

County engineer Scott Cline pointed out the shared driveway access was a good use of the land.

Cline reported the county roads department bought more salt, bringing this year’s total to 300 tons out of 400 tons contracted.

“In early summer, we’ll get the other 100 tons of salt and store it for next year,” he said. “The crews have been patching potholes, starting with Brookville Road and 185th Street and moving onto others.

“We’ve received lots of dust-control applications,” said Cline. “We’ll be trying new products this season.”

Supervisor Becky Schmitz asked if 185th Street would be included for repairs this summer.

Dimmitt agreed that it should be included as it gets heavy use.

In other road news, Cline proposed reclassifying a section of Kava Avenue in Blackhawk Township from class A gravel to class B dirt.

“We used to gravel a section that had access to buildings, including I think a mobile home,” said Cline. “All of those buildings are gone. The rest of Kava Avenue is already a dirt road. I think we can make all of Kava a dirt road.”

Dimmitt said today was only for discussion, the proposal will need to be added to the board’s agenda to consider the proposal. Dimmitt also recommended having three public hearings to try to inform as many people as possible about the road’s classification change.

Supervisor Dick Reed was absent due to illness today.

A scheduled road tour with the supervisors and Cline was postponed.


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