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Supervisors approve resolution for tax breaks

By ANDY HALLMAN | Jul 14, 2014

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution today in support of Heartland Co-op’s application for tax relief from the state.

The agenda item appeared to be a formality since the supervisors had approved a motion in support of the same thing at an earlier meeting. Jefferson County Assistant Attorney Pat McAvan said passing a motion was not enough and that the supervisors had to approve a resolution to meet the demands of the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s High Quality Jobs Program, which administers the tax credits.

Heartland is asking the state to reduce its taxes on the construction materials it’s using to build the grain elevator east of Fairfield, a project that will cost about $25 million.

Terry Smith attended the meeting and said approving the resolution was more than just a formality.

“In Des Moines, they’re reading this as an endorsement,” he said.

Smith said in an interview he didn’t see how Heartland could be eligible for the tax breaks since the high quality jobs program is meant to attract businesses to build in the state, not those that have already started construction here as Heartland has.

Supervisor Lee Dimmitt said it was not up to him or the supervisors to approve the tax breaks. He said IEDA encouraged Heartland to apply for the tax breaks.

“I’d have to assume they’re on board with this,” he said. “Whether or not they approve the application is up to them.”


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