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Supervisors deny transit funding

By DIANE VANCE | Jun 03, 2013

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors turned down a request of $1,500 in additional funding for 10-15 Transit today after a discussion about federal and state funding cuts to the public transit service in Jefferson and nine other regional counties.

Supervisor chairman Lee Dimmitt also serves as chairman of the 10-15 Transit System Board, and said the transit system asked its 10 counties each for an additional $1,500 out of the next fiscal year to hire an operations manager for 10 hours a week.

“The new 10-15 Transit director is wearing both hats, and doesn’t have time to get out of the office, so hiring an operations manager for 10 hours a week would really help out,” said Dimmitt. “However, I think it’s the wrong way to go. I think the transit needs to be forced to look at other things.

“It’s difficult because federal and state funding have been cut $112,500 and Seneca assistance is being cut,” said Dimmitt.

“Lee County pulled out, leaving 10-15 Transit. We could fund the operations manager with just the ridership fees brought in by Lee County,” he said.

Dimmitt said Jefferson County benefits from the transit service, providing low cost rides by appointment.

“We set our [Jefferson County] budget at $25,000 for 10-15 Transit for the coming year, and I have mixed emotions about this request for additional funding,” said Dimmitt. “It’s just more fallout from unreasonable actions by the state.”

Supervisors set a public hearing at 9:30 a.m. June 17, to determine the type of sale to hold at 6 p.m. June 24 for the county-owned real estate at 117 W. Broadway Ave. It has served as the county attorney’s offices and is no longer needed because the former Department of Human Services building north of the courthouse has been renovated and will be the new location of the county attorney.

An agenda item to set a public hearing about KK Finisher site matrix is not needed. Supervisors, John Everly, manure management planner and soil sampling specialist from Pinnacle in Iowa Falls, representing owner Ryan Robinson, and two members of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors Inc. Jim Rubis and Diane Rosenberg, attended a 7 a.m. open meeting today to score Robinson’s submitted Master Matrix for a proposed hog finishing site near Pleasant Plain.

The matrix did not score highly enough according to the supervisors to recommend it to the Department of Natural Resources, which will now do its own review of the plans and score the matrix.

Supervisors approved a minor subdivision for Kurt Kleinschnitz of 3.8 acres on 185th Street, 220 feet off of Jasmine Avenue.

The parcel will be split evenly into two and each driveway will face/access 185th Street. Each parcel is intended to have one home built on the properties.


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