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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 21, 2017

Supervisors get update on health center parking lot

By NICOLE HESTER-WILLIAMS Ledger staff writer | Oct 10, 2016

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors received an update today about the Jefferson County Public Health Center’s newly paved parking lot.

Garrison Concrete Contractors of Fairfield completed the work, which public health director Chris Estle said is nearly finished.

“It looks awesome,” Estle told the supervisors.

“I can’t believe the improvement,” supervisor Becky Schmitz said of the new lot.

In addition to paving the parking lot, the building’s roof now drains directly into the streets instead of passing through the parking lot, causing flooding.

Supervisor Dick Reed said he went out to look at the parking lot and found that water drained well after a recent storm and that he could see the slope of the parking lot.

“That made all the difference in the world,” supervisor Lee Dimmitt said.

The handicap accessibility ramp was also modified, making it a 4-inch rise as opposed to 6 or 8 inches.

“The [American Disabilities Act] ramp is also better than it was before,” county engineer Scott Cline said after the meeting.

The supervisors discussed whether the county or the city would be responsible for painting the lot, since it was not included in the contract with Garrison.

“In the past, the city has painted it and the county has painted it; it’s a county used parking lot on city land,” Cline said. “Do you want us to bring the bill for the paint?”

“Yeah. We can pay for it through the Department 99 [Fund],” Reed said, referring to the county’s debt levy fund.

After speaking with the contractor, Estle said that due to their weight, fire trucks would not be able to pull into the driveway for three weeks. She also said that salt shouldn’t go on the parking lot either.

Estle said the parking lot is complete.

“We’re just waiting on it to cure,” she said, adding that it should take around a week.

The supervisors received updates from Cline about the various road projects going on around the county.

Cline reported that there has been a little more than 2 inches of rainfall. He also reported that road crews had been hauling, rocking, ditching and road blading around the county.

Cline provided an update on construction and concrete work recently completed in Batavia on Fourth Street near Ash Avenue.

Norris Asphalt has two sub-contractors that worked on the project completing concrete seeding, dirt work, mulching and road striping.

Cline said due to the rain, the site had suffered some erosion.

“That will be fixed before the contract is closed out,” Cline said.

Cline also provided an update on the Osage Avenue project, which is being completed by Jones Contracting Corporation of Westpoint.

Cline said the north portion of Osage from Middle Glasgow Road to Highway 34 is paved.

“They did shoulder rock on the paved portion this past week,” Cline said. “Now people can use that to get to their homes on Middle Glasgow Road, and three households on Osage can get in and out now.”

Cline said base rock at the south end of Osage is in place now. Drainage is currently being installed in the middle section of the project and the road will be graded.

“Once that’s done, they will put rock on it, too, and the contractor will pave from Middle Glasgow all the way to Glasgow Road,” Cline said, adding that the paving should take around four or five days to complete, since the contractor has two paved intersections to work on.

“At the north end, all they had to do was concrete, there were no paved intersections,” he said.

Cline also provided an update about the Pleasant Plain Road intersection improvement project, which is being completed by Norris Asphalt.

“They were close to having it done prior to the rain. They should be able to finish the grading on it this week,” Cline said, adding that the project was also held up due to power poles that needed to be moved so that earthwork could be completed.

“The power company is moving those,” Cline said.

Matt Walker of French-Reneker-Associates chimed in.

“They are doing all of that right now and are supposed to have it off by the end of the day,” Walker said.

Cline said once the poles are gone, the remainder of the grading work should be completed on the Salina Road intersection at Pleasant Plain Road.

“Then they have to do the 185th intersection,” Cline said. “They have to do earthwork so it can be widened. They have started some of the earthwork, which is coming from the Salina Road intersection. Once the grading and earthwork is done, then it should take a couple of days to pave it. We have to find two good weather days to do it in.”

Cline said if it rains before paving, the sub-grade is too soft.

“We don’t want it raining before or during the paving,” he said.

In other news, Jefferson County Veterans Affairs director Ray Chambers told the supervisors about a Veterans Appreciation Tailgate at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City.

All veterans and their immediate family members are invited to watch the away Iowa-Purdue game inside the stadium’s press box on 24 televisions.

“This is its third year,” Chambers said, adding that crowds have ranged from 300 to 500 attendees.

“We are looking for a bigger crowd this year,” Chambers said.

For more information about the tailgate, contact Gary Boseneiler, director of Johnson County Veterans Affairs at 319-356-6049.

The supervisors approved the hiring of Ashley Sheedy as a Jefferson County Auditor’s clerk. Sheedy will fill the role of Donna Yeager, who plans to retire in late November after working as an auditor’s clerk for 28 years.

Reed said Yeager had done a great job over the years handling payroll, claims and insurance for the county.

“She is going to be greatly missed,” he said.

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