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Supervisors right to allow co-op construction

By Donald Atwood | May 08, 2014

To the editor:

I support the decision of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors to allow the construction of a new elevator by Heartland Co-op. Agriculture is a significant part of the economy in Jefferson County and the supervisors saw fit to continue to support the cooperative effort to market grain produced in our area.

Corn and beans produced in this area are used for food, fuel, and livestock feed. Residents of Jefferson County and beyond benefit from sustainability practices used in land management in Jefferson County, in which many acres are used for agriculture production. It is difficult for me to understand how people can be attracted to the rural lifestyle of our county and then oppose the very businesses that are needed to maintain and support that lifestyle.

I have also recently received a letter asking if I knew that a new hog confinement facility was proposed to be located within 4 miles of my residence. I have lived a lot closer to hog confinement buildings and cattle operations for over 70 years and have no problems with today’s modern management. After all as Orion Samuelson says, “if you eat, then you must be involved in agriculture.”


– Donald Atwood, Fairfield

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