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Supervisors talk about city annex

By NICOLE HESTER-WILLIAMS Ledger staff writer | Sep 26, 2016

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met with Martin Brett of Vastu Partners LLC today who requested that the county allow the city of Fairfield to annex in a portion of county-owned property near Maharishi University of Management’s North Campus Village.

Brett said he needs the nearly three-quarters of an acre of land in the Granville Road right-of-way, which is about 50 feet from the city limits.

“Instead of going through the county subdivision process, the city is just going to annex that portion,” Brett said, adding that he planned to attend tonight’s city council meeting about it.

The portion of the proposed area of Granville Avenue is behind 15 new townhomes that are a part of Phase 5 of the North Campus Village Subdivision.

Brett said that each townhome owner holds one-fifteenth of the land behind the building. 

“It’s a big driveway and garages,” Brett said. “I didn’t allow enough room for the driveway to be a comfortable turn around.”

Brett showed the supervisors a map of the area and the portion of Granville that the city planed to annex.

Dimmitt said, “We have no objection to the city annexing it in,” adding that if Fairfield City Administrator Mike Harmon had any questions or concerns about it,  he should reach out to the supervisors.

The supervisors did not have to vote on whether the city annexed the property.

Brett said until the land is annexed into the city, owners who purchased the properties would not be able to properly record the sale with the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office.

County Assessor Steve Wemmie agreed.

“We won’t be able to put that new person’s name on it until the annexation happens,” Wemmie said.

The supervisors inquired about how long the annexation would take.

“It should take about 60 days,” Brett said.

The supervisors asked if any of the lots could be recorded if the annexation was in progress.

Wemmie said he didn’t think so, and he asked Abbie DeKleine, auditor’s clerk, if it were possible.

“Not until we get the whole thing on the books,” she said.

Supervisor Dick Reed suggested that Wemmie, Brett and Assistant County Attorney Pat McAvan meet to make sure that everything was handled correctly.

Brett suggested that McAvan make up a resolution, including surveys.

“If there can be a resolution made, let’s get it back on the agenda as soon as it’s done,” Reed said.

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