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Supervisors to auction attorney office

By DIANE VANCE | Jun 17, 2013

Auctioning the former Jefferson County Attorney Office building on West Broadway Avenue will move forward as planned for 6 p.m. June 24.

The county board of supervisors, minus supervisor Becky Schmitz who was absent, approved a resolution today for the auction, with supervisor Dick Reed as auctioneer and a provision that he can accept a bid below the appraised value at his discretion during the auction.

A public hearing about the auction/sale of real property is at 9:30 a.m. June 24 during the regular weekly meeting of supervisors.

“I’ve heard there’s a stipulation that a second story can not be built on top of it,” said Reed.

He said he would research the title deed to verify the stipulation and announce it at the time of the auction.

Last week, supervisors had discussed road maintenance and rock specifications comparisons.

“Since last week, I’ve met with French-Reneker and discussed rock quality and they gave me specs, and I talked with our county engineer,” said Reed. “I also got a call from our quarry and I want to state this doesn’t really have a reflection on Winn’s quarry [Jefferson County Quarry].

“We aren’t unhappy with the quarry, we’ve just been conducting tests. The rock from our quarry meets specifications. I have found going back through records, the quantity of rock on roads has gone down in the last years,” Reed said. “We’re perfectly satisfied with Winns.”

County engineer Scott Cline reported the Secondary Roads Department has graded Marigold Avenue and a few other roads, installed a couple of culverts, sprayed weeds and patched some roads this past week.

“I met with a Federal Emergency Management Agency representative and a state representative from Iowa Department of Public Defense at the law center last week,” said Cline.

“Jefferson County was included in the governor’s disaster area proclamation for the April 17 storm. The president has not yet declared Jefferson County a disaster area. If the county gets included in the federal declaration, we should get some reimbursement,” Cline said.

“FEMA told me to be documenting damages, and FEMA reviews time sheets and rock tickets.”

Cline did not know if reimbursements would be at 100 percent or not.

The county has to have a minimum of $58,000 in damages to qualify for federal aid. Cline said Jefferson County has about $75,000 in damages, including the Libertyville water line, from the April 17 storm.

“And no one has talked about May storm damages yet,” he said.

Supervisors reviewed a fireworks permit request from Dan Walker, doing business as Cypress Villages, for permission to have fireworks displays 9:30-10:30 p.m. on four dates — June 22, July 4, July 6 and Aug. 10.

“In previous years, we required him to notify the airport,” said Reed. “The airport needs to shut down for him to be able to shoot-off fireworks.”

Supervisor chairman Lee Dimmitt called Fairfield Municipal Airport during the meeting and learned the airport has not been notified by Walker.

“He hasn’t been in contact with the airport or us and he doesn’t say why he wants the other dates besides the Fourth of July,” said Reed.

Reed amended the permit to allow Walker a fireworks display on July 4 and not the other three dates, contingent on Walker contacting the airport and the board of supervisors receiving written acknowledgment that he has contacted the airport. Both supervisors voted yes.

The supervisors also approved:

• The county applying to Regional Planning Affiliate 15 for Service Transportation Funds for Portland Cement Concrete patching on routes V63, W21 and W40.

• A pay increase for the administrative assistant for General Assistance and Veteran Affairs.

Reed said an oversight on the part of the supervisors created the need for the increase.

• Fiscal year 2014 employee salary resolution for county employees, except the Secondary Roads Department, which had been approved at an earlier meeting.

Dimmitt said the substance abuse awareness committee would conduct a youth survey during the upcoming Jefferson Area County Fair.

“The coalition also is making training available for [alcohol] servers and raising awareness about the host rule,” said Dimmitt.

Don Sanders of Jefferson County Alcohol Task Force said the local RAGBRAI committee for the planned July 26 beverage garden in Fairfield contacted Southern Iowa Economic Development Association.

“SIEDA is providing [servers] training for 150 volunteers working in the beverage garden,” said Sanders. “I understand a similar training will take place in Oskaloosa.”

Oskaloosa is the overnight stop the night prior to Fairfield on this year’s RAGBRAI route.

“We’re invited back to [Fairfield] city council Aug. 5 to plan a training with alcohol retailers in town,” said Sanders.

Dimmitt reminded the public the training is free. Retailers certified in the alcohol training can receive a one-time free pass if their establishment is caught selling or serving alcohol to underage persons. The employee selling or serving will face law enforcement consequences, but the owner will not, on the first time only.

Dimmitt, Jefferson County’s representative on Rural Utility Service System board, reported the board approved sending notices of termination to individuals signed up with RUSS and provided services but not paying their bills.

“We have 28E Agreements with the towns and communities to install sewer systems and this is a circumstance RUSS has been dealing with for years,” Dimmitt said. “If RUSS goes into default because of user non-payment … those are U.S. Department of Agriculture loans we are using.

“There’s a percentage of users not paying and RUSS will send a notice of termination and shutoff individual systems. It will be costly for those terminated to re-connect service.”

Cline said Pathfinders RC&D expressed interest in a steel tank sitting at the Secondary Roads Department the county has been wanting to get rid of.

“They want to use the steel tank to store heat from a local industry and use the heat for a proposed greenhouse,” said Cline. “I know you were looking to get rid of it, but I thought I should let you know before letting them have it.”


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