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Supervisors’ wisdom much appreciated

By MaryAnn Nordyke | May 15, 2014

To the editor:

Thank you Jefferson County Board of Supervisors for your positive decision on Heartland Co-op. Your wisdom and courage are much appreciated.

Contrary to Mr. Leahy’s assertion that opposition to Heartland Co-op’s project isn’t about “us” and “them,” to me I see it as totally “us” and “them.”

I see a well-oiled group of activists overwhelming reason and truth with a deluge of deceptive misinformation. I see efforts to destroy the productivity of the Heartland effort with hostile litigation and lawsuits. I see a double standard in the so-called effort to “reach out” to Heartland Co-op. I fail to see how being labeled “most unusual” by Oprah and other accolades from New Age advocates is to be desired over productively marketing grain in Jefferson County.

For these reasons I choose to stand with Heartland Co-op. I see it as a win-win opportunity for Jefferson County and a big step towards making Jefferson County’s agriculture more profitable and productive.


– MaryAnn Nordyke, Batavia

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