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Support ‘stand your ground’ bill

By Jim Morrow | Mar 10, 2014

Dear Representative Curt Hanson:

Come next fall elections, I hope you will have stood with those of us in Fairfield and Iowa who take our state’s motto seriously. We do prize our liberty, and we will maintain our rights.

If you are among the Democrats who voted to pass HF 2381, the do nothing of substance to protect the Seconnd Amendment, while appearing to do so bill, allowing the well heeled among us to purchase $2,000 firearms suppressors, be advised that you won’t be able to claim that bauble in your district as proof that you support gun rights.

If you truly want to stand by us and earn our vote to continue in the State House as our representative, then you must champion Stand Your Ground HF 2113 and Constitutional Carry HF 2284.

Join Tom Shaw and other right-thinking pro-Second Amendment representatives to lean on Committee Chair Baltimore to move this basic, common sense legislation forward. Get it on the House floor for a recorded vote, so that legislators will have to go on record, and can’t hide behind faux gun rights legislation like HF 2381.

I have copied and pasted Aaron Dorr’s latest from Iowa Gun Owners below, with this cogent excerpt:

“Constitutional Carry would simply restore law-abiding Iowans to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves and their families without going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole or paying expensive fees.

“This is the way it’s done in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming.

“And despite the hand-wringing of the news media and government bureaucrats, Constitutional Carry hasn’t resulted in a plague of Old West shootouts and vigilante justice.

“But this shouldn’t be a surprise. Studies show that when citizens exercise their constitutional right to carry guns for self-defense, crime rates drop dramatically.

“That’s because career criminals – fearing that running into an armed citizen could result in “early retirement” – simply start looking for another vocation.

Thank you for your time and consideration. With vigilance, I am ...


– Jim Morrow, Fairfield

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