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Task force wants improvement on alcohol checks

By DIANE VANCE | Oct 07, 2013

The September compliance check among 20 retailers selling alcohol had a 70 percent passing rate, which is too low, Don Sanders executive director of Jefferson County Alcohol Consumption Task Force told the county board of supervisors today.

“It was a 10 percent improvement over the April compliance check,” Sanders said. “But it’s still not acceptable. Six retailers were cited for serving alcohol to our underage decoy in September and two of those six retailers had also failed the April compliance check.”

Sanders said in one of the establishments, a fellow student served the decoy.

“We took this issue to Fairfield City Council, which had us present to the council’s Safety Committee Aug. 5, at a public meeting,” said Sanders. “We discussed requiring a training certificate for every liquor license renewal. Nobody liked the mandatory part about training.”

The task force sent letters Aug. 12 to all 43 establishments with a liquor license in Jefferson County, Sanders said. The letter told about a compliance check to be conducted in September. The letter also offered training to retailers about checking identifications and serving underage persons.

“And we followed-up with in-person visits to the retailers to let them know a compliance check was scheduled for September and to offer training,” said Sanders. “We held two training sessions and had three retailers represented at the trainings.

“The Dew Drop Inn, Casey’s and the Burning Oak, attended trainings and had no violations.”

Sanders said the task force will go back to a Fairfield City Council meeting Oct. 14, and discuss how to improve the compliance rate.

In other business, Jefferson County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution approving the amended articles of agreement for the Area 15 Regional Planning Commission and re-appointed Jack Ritz to the Progressive Housing Commission.

Supervisor chairman Lee Dimmitt said language was streamlined in the Area 15 agreement, which serves six area counties.

“Jack [Ritz] has served one three-year term on the housing commission,” said supervisor Dick Reed. “The commission oversees 18 units of housing run by Optimae for individuals in Jefferson County that may not be able to live elsewhere.”

Ritz added the housing is beneficial to the county.

County Engineer Scott Cline reported Secondary Road crews had cleaned flood debris from ditches in the past week, graded and hauled gravel.

“The contractor is saying the bridge re-decking project on Brookville Road should finish this week,” said Cline. “Today they are pouring cement around the last four piers. Then they’ll backfill, and Wednesday the guardrails at the four corners of the bridge should be placed and final seeding after that. We hope to have the bridge open by this weekend.”

Reed said he received a phone call from a resident advising the county was wasting money by using too much material to fix pavement cracks and fill potholes along 32nd Street and Libertyville Road.

A road tour was scheduled today after the supervisors meeting and Reed said they would look at the two roads.

Reed said he enjoyed serving as host on bus tours over the weekend for Parsons College alumni in Fairfield for its annual reunion and Wall of Honor ceremony.

David Neff, an audience member at the meeting, said the Parsons College weekend was successful and had 130 to 150 people at various events.

“I heard a lot of positive comments from people returning to Fairfield from across the country,” said Neff. “Fairfield Media streamed the Wall of Honor presentation live, and 228 people tuned in to watch.”


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