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The importance of being persistent

By Jim Turner | Mar 09, 2017

To the editor:

I loved teaching. I took to it like a duck to water. I never really questioned why I was a teacher or whether or not i wanted to do it well. I wanted to do it well but I knew I had to improve to become a good teacher.

I did some things pretty well but other things not so well and a few things not well at all – like classroom management. My colleagues could hear me yelling in my classroom on the floor above. I would yell at the kids for 10 seconds, they would be quiet for 3 seconds, then go right back to doing what they were doing when I yelled at them in the first place.

All this happened in my first year of teaching – and for the whole year. I never really got the hang of it that first year. But i did discover one very important thing: I wanted to be a good teacher.

The fact that I wanted to be a good teacher wasn’t much consolation at those times I felt I wasn’t. But as I look back on it; it was what kept me going. The desire to be a good teacher for each class I taught kept me going through a thirty year career.

So much of the secret to success in life has to do with just that, persistence. The desire to keep going, keep trying because it is important to you-because you want to do it well and believe you can. The need to persevere in the face of adversity, challenges, setbacks and heartache is a truth of life most people discover sooner or later. And as we only truly understand life looking back on it, we can’t always see the results of our efforts in the present.

This is where faith comes in – faith and courage. Which can always be found if you seek them.

Because God is at their source and the supply is infinite.


– Jim Turner, Fairfield

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