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Neighbors Growing Together | Nov 19, 2017

Therapy department helps couple in need

jefferson county health center employees do yard work for former patient
By Andy Hallman, Ledger news editor | Mar 03, 2017
Courtesy of: WANDA BAGBY Members of Jefferson County Health Center’s therapy department raked leaves and picked up brush for Jack and Dee Bradley Feb. 24. The employees have gotten to know the Bradleys since Jack has gone in for physical therapy several times in the last four years. The volunteers are, from left, Jennifer Howe, William Franklin, Matt Wickert, David Kreuter, Aidan Kreuter, Andrew Wagler, Dee Bradley, Lili Wells and Rachel Shaw. Not pictured: Michelle Kreuter.

Members of Jefferson County Health Center’s therapy department did a good deed Feb. 24 when they cleared brush from Jack and Dee Bradley’s yard.

Jack is a former patient the therapists have gotten to know well in the past four years. Earlier this winter, the Bradleys needed some electrical work done on their house that required cutting down a number of branches. That left a lot of yard work to do.

Dee happened to run into Rachel Shaw at Fairfield Hy-Vee Food & Drug Store a few weeks ago. In addition to working at Hy-Vee, Shaw is a certified occupational therapy assistant. Dee told her about some of the problems she was having with the electricity and the downed branches.

She mentioned that their home was without power for most of a day, quite an uncomfortable situation for the middle of winter. Shaw shared the story with co-worker David Kreuter at the health center, and asked him if there was something the therapy department could do for the Bradleys.

“Jack and Dee are the type of people who never ask for help,” Shaw said. “I talked to David and told him I wished there was something we could do for them. We brainstormed, and decided we could go to their house and pick up sticks.”

Shaw pitched the idea to the rest of the therapy department, and they loved it. Lili Wells, the health center’s rehabilitation services director, said everyone in the department knows the Bradleys.

“They’re probably the nicest couple,” Wells said. “They’re very friendly.”

Shaw called Dee last week to let her know members of the therapy department would come over that Friday to help with her lawn.

The weather was nice early that week but turned bitter cold by Friday.

Still, the employees kept their promise.

The volunteers raked dead brush, picked up sticks and bagged evergreen needles and leaves. They wanted to get a pile of sticks ready for the spring brush pick-up April 3.

Dee said she and Jack were touched that so many people thought of them.

“After four years, you get to know people pretty well, and they’re all wonderful,” she said. “I cried because I’ve never had anyone do this before. I couldn’t hardly talk to them that night. We can’t say thanks enough to those people for helping us.”

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