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Time to change people in power

By Pat Starnes | Dec 19, 2013

To the editor:

I am really upset about what is going on in our local government. You have people in control who are trying to spend their way out of a bad economy.

How in the world does that work? You have rising prices and more taxation. Enough is enough. It seems the people that are pushing for more spending have money and are not concerned about the people that are struggling.

Until people rise up and say no more Ponzi schemes things will not change. When the city’s policies are voted down they go behind closed doors and figure how they can get around the voters to get their agenda done. No wonder people don’t vote. What good does it do?

People in government are supposed to bring people together but that is not happening locally. There is a great split and we need a change. Their priorities are misplaced. Please vote to change the people in power. We need responsible people making responsible decisions.


– Pat Starnes, Fairfield


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