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Time to hold educational establishment accountable

By James Lee Elliott | Jul 20, 2017

To the editor:

The farther away from the classroom that many educational decision-makers get, the more ill-advised their decisions are.

Too many elected school board members and unelected administrators too often assume that they have a blank check, unlimited authority, power and freedom, with no accountability, to do what they think best for students, teachers, support staff, parents, grandparents, guardians and their family, pocketbooks, homes and communities.

The citizens of any given public school district, in America, elect a school board to represent their needs and interests, not to rubber stamp the agendas of out of control bureaucracy.

Oftentimes, agendas are not due to the accidents, coincidences, economic conditions, budget deficits, the law, or improper funding and allowable growth that is always blamed on a particular legislative party or government, that we the people are so often led to believe.

Educational decision-makers are masters at presenting inspiring, magical and planned agendas that often further enslave their constituents.

Many in the communities of this school district are fed up with data, statistics, surveys, testing, meetings, overspending, high taxation, voodoo budgets and agendas that are collaborated and fabricated in order to manipulate public perception about issues, often times for their own personal gain.

According to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress shall make no law ... abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Remember when police, an attorney from Des Moines, other various groups and the opinions of the Des Moines public school system were brought into a May of 2016 local school board meeting to sell a planned agenda? We do!

Remember when black arm bands, a “hit list,” death threats, bullying parents afraid of losing their jobs, girls leaving campus just to go to the bathroom, and students telling law enforcement they’re afraid to go to school? We do!

Remember all the ones accused of causing disunity in the community, that were called haters, intolerant, the bigots and those told to change clothing that expressed their right, in the Bill of Rights, to express their freedom of religion? We do!

According to the Iowa Association of School boards, education in Iowa depends on good leadership. “We the people” are witnessing the results of what happens when elected and unelected leadership fails to listen to and fails to demonstrate servant leadership, by ignoring 1,000 of their constituents, asking for redress of their grievances of what constitutes politically correct 21st Century restroom/lockerroom usage; by ignoring 500 asking not to close their communities’ grade school; and by ignoring the majority of parent and teacher surveys, not to force grade alike on this school district.

It is time to hold the majority vote of educational decision-makers accountable for their actions on Tuesday, Aug. 8, during the 82nd Iowa District special election and again on Tuesday, Sept. 12, during the upcoming school board election. This school district does not need more collaboration to improve education, it is in need of coagulation to stop the bleeding.


– James Lee Elliott, Fairfield


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