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Tipping becoming part of the past

By Barbara Kistler | Jan 09, 2014

To the editor:

Let’s talk tips.

Tipping has fallen by the wayside in this economy. My husband and I continue to tip well. Some waitstaff are well below minimum wage and depend on their tips to augment their income (did you know waitstaff can be on a different payscale?).

I feel especially mindful of those pizza/food delivery drivers who deliver our pizzas piping hot when the temperature is well below freezing. I bet if they had a choice, they’d be home and warm, rather than slogging through the snow to make sure I enjoy my pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

The same goes for restaurants: if the service is good, then the tip is good, so I try to send it out in the universe, just like this reminder!


– Barbara Kistler, Fairfield

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