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Towing sends wrong message

By Sandra Miller | Feb 14, 2013

To the editor:

On the weekend of Feb. 1, 2013, 200 cars were ticketed and towed off Fairfield city streets, netting the city $13,000 in revenues. They were in violation of a city ordinance that says cars parked in Fairfield city streets must move at least once over a 24-hour period, or be subject to fines, etc.

The towed cars were snow-covered and many people left them innocently that way, choosing to walk, if they could, to services such as banks, stores, doctor’s offices and schools. This is in keeping with the city’s sustainable living efforts to stop global warming. As many cities work hard to create this sustainable design, we are lucky here in Fairfield to already live in a healthier way that encourages you not to drive, than in the suburbs where you have to drive everywhere. Our small town already has enough services available within a walking distance so you could choose not to drive. Let’s create a community connection that would retain our city streets as simple systems that add to the full effect of green buildings, and be a leader of promoting “green” in Iowa.

A note: The internal pressures in the police and city council members need to be questioned, as their authority revolves around “old conservative” measures that overdo, to avoid the possibility of future complaints and lawsuits, over the adequacy of their city design.


— Sandra Miller, Fairfield

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