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Traffic tickets

Feb 01, 2013

The following traffic tickets were processed by Jefferson County Clerk of Court.

Stanley Willis Biddle of 803 S. 33rd St., failure to yield upon entering through highway

Rachel Ann Wilson of 603½ S. Fifth St., speeding.

Michel James Downing of Prairie City, speeding.

Jesse Ray Holubeck of 57½ N. Court St., speeding.

Satinderjit Singh Sandhu of Davis Calif., speeding.

Heather Michelle Philips of Ottumwa, speeding.

Chris Cooley of Packwood, speeding.

Tracey Flor Plasencia of Brighton, violation of financial liability coverage.

Harold Thomas Anderson of Richland, failure to comply with safety regulation rules.

Tori Lynn Wade of St. Peters, Mo., speeding.

Barry Greiner of Batavia, speeding.

Jacklyn Marie Mote of Keosauqua, speeding.

Christina R. Welsh of 300 E. Washington Ave., speeding.

Alex Daniel Reed of Quincy Ill., speeding.

John Chris Schulte of Norway, Iowa, speeding.

Ryan Joseph Mitchell of Ottumwa, speeding.

Joshua Eric McReynolds of Clarence, speeding.

Christian Alan Archer of Ottumwa, failure to maintain control.

Robert Christopher Doff of West Des Moines, speeding.

Derek Lee Henry of Noblesville, Ind., speeding.

Kirby Samantha Rowl of Birmingham, speeding.

Wanda Sandfire of Batavia, failure to obey stop or yield sign

Yu Zhang of 104 E. Madison Ave, speeding.

Christopher Patrick Johnson of West Des Moines, operation without registration.

Kenneth Robert Pratt of Montgomery Ala., speeding.

Travis Michael Grinnell of Clive, speeding .

Anna Dace Lynn Topping of 1300 W. Jackson Ave., failure to maintain control.

Teresa Jean Thomas of Bloomfield, speeding.

Ismael Herrera Gonzales of Ottumwa, speeding.

Nicole Moret McElroy of 805 W. Washington Ave., speeding.

Dustin C. Greene of Batavia, no valid drivers license.

Donald Leroy Hubbs of 904 W. Harrison Ave., No. 6, failure to obey stop sign and yield right of way.

Shellie Anna Lackman of 1976 Libertyville Road, speeding.

Quentin James Garrels of Hedrick, speeding.

Nancy Pauline Baird of 403 S. Court St., failure to obey stop and yield right of way.

Neal Charles Doyle of 507½ E. Madison Ave., failure to yield half of roadway when meeting vehicle.

Jennifer Ann Novak of Harper, operation without registration.

Ingrid Saterstrom of 404 S. Fourth St., failure to yield upon entering through highway.

Scott R. Lockard of 1000 N. Eighth St. No. 7, operation of motor vehicle with expired license.

Natalia Jean Smith of Ankeny, speeding.

Raymond Edward Stone of Douds, failure to maintain safety belts.

Brooke Elezabeth Thielking of Kansas City, Mo., speeding.

Larry Eugene Countryman of Birmingham, speeding.

Terry Rex Swan of Libertyville, operation without registration.


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