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Travis Harris is family man we can trust

By Marshan Roth | Aug 03, 2017

To the editor:

What are our priorities for State Representative in the special election on Tuesday, Aug. 8?

Why is this seat in the Iowa House District 82 (Van Buren, Davis, and much of Jefferson counties) so important?

There is much to be done to fill the term left by the passing of Rep. Curt Hanson considered a “nice guy” by many who knew him.

Here are some facts to consider.

Both candidates, Democrat Phil Miller of Fairfield and Republican Travis Harris of Davis County, have been school board members and president. Mr. Miller currently holds that position here, and Harris was a Moulton-Udell board member and past president for nine years.

The school board makes important decisions affecting our students, families and communities.

Mr. Miller claims to “put people before politics” but despite hundreds of signatures in opposition, under his leadership Libertyville school has been closed, “grade alike” classes instituted in which the various elementary grades are grouped, (for example kindergarten to grade three at Washington, other grade groups at Pence, etc.), and Libertyville students will be bused out of their community to schools in Fairfield. This was done without their parents’ consent.

When the federal mandate came down last year at Fairfield High School allowing students to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers according to their choice based on “gender identity” rather than birth gender, the next day many of the students stayed home.

Instances of bullying and intimidation were reported. When boys entered private changing areas, girls were humiliated and embarrassed and chose to stay in their street clothes rather than change. Many went off campus to use bathrooms.

In Fairfield, superintendent Laurie Noll wrote a lengthy notice in the paper saying that the bathroom mandate would be complied with. Some 400 students have left Fairfield Schools to attend other schools, along with the loss of their funding to the school, and expenses to construct new bathroom arrangements.

Does this not reflect Mr. Miller’s poor judgment, and wrong priorities, putting our children’s safety and education at risk?

In the case of Mr. Harris’ role as Davis County School Board member and president, their schools have remained open, thriving with good financial management and academic policies.

He is a third generation family farmer with degrees in agriculture, a family man married for 24 years with three children ages 13 to adult, a financial and business strategy planner with focus on maintaining family farms and small businesses, a deacon in his church and upholder of family values and way of life and the “rights of every precious life.”

As a Democrat Mr. Miller stands for bigger government restrictions, regulations, control and higher taxes. On the other hand, as a Republican, Travis Harris has worked for over 20 years to preserve family farms and businesses as a farm and business strategy planner. He has pledged as our state representative to “represent, work and fight standing up for families and defending our way of life for the people and not the party.”


— Marshan Roth, Fairfield

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