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Travis Harris will represent us well in Des Moines

By Paul Wells | Jul 20, 2017

To the editor:

It is unfortunate that an election has to take place to select a replacement for Representative Curt Hanson.

I may not have always agreed with Representative Hanson, but I appreciated that he was always willing to listen. I have served on the Southern Iowa Electric Board with candidate Travis Harris, and I know first-hand that Travis will also be that kind of listening Representative.

Here are some other things I think you should know about Travis Harris. I first met Travis when we were starting to transition our farming business to our son. Travis did not bring a one-size-fits-all program to help us.

He listened to our unique situation, asked appropriate questions, and then guided us in ways that were best for us. A recent ad from the opposing candidate talks about taxes being raised when Travis was on a school board.

Most board members are quite aware of how their decisions affect taxpayers. Declining enrollment in small rural schools makes a difficult situation.

It is clear that Travis cares about the people in his district when he is willing to use his time helping make those difficult decisions. The ad also spoke about increasing electric rates at SEIC. I have served with Travis since he was elected to that board. Neither of us wants to raise rates. We also have to pay those increased rates.

However, we know that it is important to keep providing reliable services and a financially strong electric company. Looking at the facts, we realize that small increases now help prevent larger increases in the future. I have watched Travis as a board member weigh the facts, ask important questions, and then explain to fellow board members why he supports or does not support an issue. I have seen him do this when the right decisions were difficult and unpopular.

I will be voting for Travis Harris in the Aug. 8 election because I know I will be well represented by a person who cares, works hard, and will listen to unique situations. Travis has experience working with people, understands education in rural Iowa, and has knowledge of the electric business.

More importantly, I know he will be willing to do the right thing, no matter how difficult the decision.

If you want a person who can be counted on to represent you, cast your vote on Aug. 8 for Representative Travis Harris.


– Paul Wells, Milton

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