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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 20, 2017

Trial reaffirmed my faith in our legal system

By Alex Green | Apr 27, 2017

About a month ago, I sat in the Jefferson County courtroom with several dozen other folks, most of us hoping that we would not be selected for jury duty.

At the end of the trial I felt honored to have been part of the process. The twelve of us on the jury – from different walks of life, different ages, and most certainly different political and social perspectives – had worked closely together carefully assessing the evidence. Everyone participated, had importance in the process and had made a significant contribution.

Together we reached a unanimous verdict. No political persuasion, no social alignment, or strong personality had swayed the result. The outcome had been too important. My faith in our legal system had been revived. Here in Jefferson County, it was working as it was intended to, as it had evolved over many decades, many judges, many lawyers, many jurors and far too many cases.

The experience affirmed for me that the foundation of our democracy is expressed in the first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution – “We the People.” Our strength as a nation lies in “we.” Our togetherness grows when we objectively attend to the truth in our decision making. Seeking resolutions to our problems in good faith, we create a greater good, one that is above and beyond the issues immediately before us. Doing this is an important gift for the generations to follow.

My experience in the Jefferson County courthouse lies in sharp contrast to the growing politicization of our state and federal judicial systems. Far too many are trying to turn the “w” in the word “we” upside down.


– Alex Green, Fairfield

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